Why did I move to the Medium publication?

There were several visions in my head about how I would run my own blog on what I would post about. Finally, I ended up on Medium, just writing posts as a classic Medium user.

Everything was really fine with that approach until…

First problems

During my attempts to make my posts more visible to a community I put my Medium profile RSS feed on jvm-bloggers (polish JVM blogs aggregator).

Not so long after that, I wrote a comment on someone else post on Medium. I was really surprised to see this comment in the jvm-bloggers RSS feed and theirs weekly newsletter! That day I’ve learned that Medium comments are treated like posts when we speak about Medium user/profile.

Medium comments are treated like posts when we speak about Medium user/profile.

As I wasn’t really happy with the fact that I would have to stop commenting others people work, I started to think about possible solutions. Accidentally I noticed that friend of mine Krzysztof Kempiński is running his own blog as a Medium publication — which was the thing that I already knew, but I’ve always thought about them like they’re just post aggregators which publish posts written by different people but sharing the same topic. I’ve never thought about them as a way to run a personal blog.

Pros and cons of Medium publication comparing to user posts


  • Your comments are not included in RSS feed as long as you use the publication feed and not the user feed URL
  • You’re allowed to create more than 1 publication on Medium — so if you want to run fishing and parenting blogs, but without any connection, you can just start 2 different publications
  • Publications have a possibility to create a custom main page layout and navigation to customize your blog while user profile is not customizable at all!
  • Not all of your users posts have to be in you publication — you can decide to write a post outside the publication and that will be possible


  • Your posts can be published in at most one publication — that means if your article will be featured in some popular publication you wouldn’t be able to publish it also in your blog publication. You’ll have to copy the article and publish it again
  • When you had many followers as a user you’ll have to somehow bring them to your brand new publication — unless the publication statistics may look a little bit sad

In my humble opinion the cons are not so serious to overwhelm pros. Medium publication seems like a preety decent way to run your personal blog — you have bigger control of what you publish and what your subscribers can see.

Thank you for reading my post! I would really appreciate your feedback so please feel free to share one in the comment! Please also get familiar with my other writings.

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