Why should I care about Belua?

Belua is the winnable internet.

Search engines control the results of any search. We expect that the most likely answer selected from a search query will be from the first page of results.

Therefore the first page results on a search engine are the most powerful and the most valuable.

We know that the search engine’s results are based on large amounts of user data, but the algorithm used by search engines are kept secret.

This obscures one of the best ways to gain a position atop search results: by paying for them.

The algorithm is kept a secret because it inserts sponsored results into the search results; and since we understand that the first page of results are the most important, those must be the only ones of real value.

So, our most optimistic guess must be that at least one search result on every page is paid for.

This means that internet users exist in a shadow world where false results are hidden in the real (popular results).

Do people really think that X is the best cola drink? or that Y is the best budget holiday destination?

Where Belua differs is that its search results are based on user endorsement. Belua users can endorse something they like or enjoy, and that input informs the search engine results that appear for other users. If they no longer support a search result, they can remove their support.

Where this gets interesting is that our users can control search results by organising enough support for particular returns.

And when they are disappointed, the backlash has a tangible effect.

They can win the internet, by popular vote.

Can companies affect Belua’s search results?

They must make an account like every other user. They must invest their hard earned INT on results they endorse, and most importantly, they are subject to the same forces that all other users are — that when they invest on unpopular propositions they will lose INT, and that they cannot make an unpopular idea popular.

No matter how much INT a company invests in Asbestos face cream, they will never be able to outpace or out-invest their detractors. If they make a great product, their popularity will be buoyed and supported by loyal fans.

Likewise, ideas will be treated the same. And what’s great about Belua is that you can now see how large support for unpopular ideas are. If an obscure cult claims that it has a large number of supporters, you can see that it simply isn't true. And if citizens of a country want something that their government doesn't, we can show the clear discrepancy.

Belua offers search results based on user endorsement.