Introducing PayDApp

Decentralized Payment Gateway

Vishva Dave
Jan 12 · 3 min read

Are you trying to sell online? Are you looking to collect payments online? Do you want to create an online store?

If your answer is yes, PayDApp is for you. It is planned to deliver a product for all businesses who want to accept payments on blockchain and individuals who need a smart and efficient way to collect payments from their customers.

How is it secured?

PayDApp operations are administered on smart contracts, which simply means they are trackable and irreversible. Smart contracts have a predetermined logic which the PayDApp team has formulated with accuracy and precision. All your funds are safe, they only move from one address to another according to the logic of the smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain. We do not hold any of your assets.

How does it work?


Merchants will register an account with PayDApp where they will create links for accepting payment globally on the internet. They will receive DAI directly on ethereum blockchain based smart contracts. Their funds are 100% secured which they can withdraw anytime.


Customers will pay their cryptos via web3 mechanism under the hood and PayDApp will provide them a one-pager dApp interface to securely make the payment.


— improved efficiency and automation

Bringing about the adoption of blockchain technology, exchanging value is going to become much more important. PayDApp frees you from the hassle of documents, payslips etc.

— greater liquidity to the market

PayDApp would provide companies with nearly instant and diverse ways to use their cryptocurrency assets, allowing improved liquidity and decreased liability.

— lightning fast payments

On PayDApp, it's just you and your customers, no middlemen to regulate the flow of money. The regulation is fully automated through the Blockchain’s algorithm and has proven to be surprisingly fast (2–3 mins/txn).

— secure payments

Blockchain technology has the capability to solve security concerns even as transactions are being made since its absolute algorithm is based on an open-to-all platform that ensures full transparency between buyer and seller.

— improved financial management

Considering the speed and ease of use it offers, managing large inflows of money will become trouble-free for all industries that embrace the technology.


Decentralized Payment Gateway.

Thanks to Sowmay Jain.

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Decentralized Payment Gateway.