Introducing! — “An Instant Crypto Exchange Without Any KYC.”

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Introducing, A new platform where you can Exchange CryptoCurrency without going through the Difficulty of KYC.

RK Group International has yet again launched a new project called “”. It’s a platform to Exchange cryptocurrency between 150+ other assets, what makes Unique from other Instant Crypto Exchanges is that it does not charge any fees for getting the Exchange done. Which means that a user only has to worry about the network fees to transfer the coins, Rest all is assured by is an Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange.

It allows you to swap your Crypto into other Crypto Assets and also allows you to buy using your bank cards or PayFQ Cards.

The unique protocol we follow is that Users don’t have to go through all the other formalities like creating an account or KYC verifying their account. At, You can swap your coins within Minutes.

We offer free swap at the moment, Users are only required to pay their networks fees for Transfers.

We store a vast number of Crypto Currency’s in cold storage/offline, which makes them inaccessible online and your assets stay safe in such a way.

We have good liquidity, Any Swap you perform works within seconds.

How to Get Started?

The users have to visit, and then follow the steps mentioned below.

• Visit,

• Select the asset you are going to deposit,

• Enter the number of assets you want to deposit,

• Select the asset you want to receive,

• Click Exchange Now,

• Enter the address, to which you want to receive your swapped assets,

• Done.

That’s it! It’s as simple as transferring tokens between your wallets.

What’s Unique about

· NO, KYC!

Yes! You read it correct! Unlike all the other Instant Exchanges, doesn’t require users to be KYC verified, You have to freedom to carry out a swap completely Anonymously! Each transaction is carried out safely and securely and no one has a trace about it.

At, We value our user's Privacy!


There are many Instant Exchanges that Charge you a lot for carrying out even the smallest Swap, At we care for our users and we have completely eliminated the requirement of a fee to carry out your Swap.

The users only have to worry about the Network Fees, Which is required to transfer tokens in and out of

· Instant Swap!

Your Transactions are carried out within minutes, At we have more liquidity and we support a vast variety of Crypto Coins. Any Transaction made by you will be done within minutes of time.

How It Works?

It’s basically an Instant Crypto Exchange that allows you to convert your existing crypto coins to other 140+ available coins.

You send in your coin and select the coin you want in exchange of the coin you deposit.

We do the conversion and send it to your receiving address without acquiring any fees.

DISCLAIMER has the Right to cancel the current program at any time, even without any prior Notice, Any Foul play would lead to discontinuation of your participation in the program.

Please visit to contact us for more details.

Also, visit


We ( Belong to RK Group Internationals. RK Group is a group of Enthusiastic Blockchain developers; their main aim is to utilize blockchain technology to the fullest.

RK Group also owns several other Projects “Payfrequent, PayFQ, 24x7Crypto, Etc.”

Visit ( to learn more.

RK Group International
RK Group International


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