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Sep 5 · 4 min read
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PayFrequent is proud to announce the launch of our Mobile app for iOS/Android. With Effect from 20/08/2020, we are rolling out App version 1.1 to all our users with unique and exciting features.

PayFrequent app will be the one-stop place to carry out all your financial transactions, it will give you options to Buy crypto using your Digital cards, it will allow you to store crypto in our safe and secure storage, it will also allow you to stake some selective tokens in it.


Unique Features of PayFrequent App


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PayFQ card network is the first blockchain network card specially designed for cryptocurrency.

You can use it the same as other cards. You can use it to make a withdrawal from an ATM or make a movie ticket booking also.

Each User will have the privilege to order and use PayFQ cards within the app.


With this new version, we are introducing the ability for users to stake some selective tokens.

Users already have the privilege to stake PayFQ Tokens.

We will be adding more and more coins to our wallet that users can stake it without any worries.

In addition, we are also going to enable a Staking facility for’s (Swap) Token.


With this version we are integrating a new auto KYC approval system, it will be seamless and be very efficient for users to use.

We have had many issues with the KYC approval in the past, and to get rid of this we have integrated this new system.

Users will not have to wait for days to get their KYC approved. It will be done fast and conveniently within the PayFreqent app.

More information to be revealed soon


The PayFrequent app is completely redesigned to give you a much better crypto experience.

It contains some important Changes like “Dashboard, Transaction, Wallet, and Settings”

All these new designs make the app more user-friendly.


The dashboard has now been updated, you have live coin display with rates and all the other options are accessible within the dashboard.


We have rearranged the settings tab, now users can find all the essential details about your-self within the settings tab under this new update.


The wallet Tab has been given a major update, each coin now have the convenient option below it, some tokens even have the BUY option below it.

You can generate your wallet address with a click. It’s fast and easy.


The transaction tab is now even better. It records all your transaction and gives you more details with a Tap.



Yes! You read it correct!

PayFrequent wallet users can send any supported currency in the wallet via 5 transfer methods to anyone.

1. To their blockchain address — users can send cryptocurrency to any tomochain address (same as ethereum address). Please check and confirm user can access their wallet via private key or the wallet fully supports the tomochain trc21 token.

2. To mobile number — users can send it to all mobile numbers which are registered in the PayFrequent wallet.

3. To email address — the user can send it to all email addresses whether it is a registered user or not. If a user is registered in PayFrequent wallet then their account will be credited instantly otherwise the user will receive an email notification for creating their account.

4. To user-id — all users can generate their user id from their profile page. Fully anonymous if you want to receive funds but do not want to share your wallet address.

5. To wallet id — as soon as a user registered in PayFrequent wallet a wallet id is generated which is 5 digit and unique. A wallet id can be used to receive funds and shopping / withdrawing cash from ATM/user agents. A user just needs their wallet id and 2fa code For cash withdrawal/shopping in all PayFrequent supported merchants.


Cold storage

PayFrequent wallet 95% fund is stored in cold storage and not accessible from the internet. It’s one of the safest methods in the blockchain revolution.

Google 2 factor authorization

All users need to set up their 2-factor authorization before any transition. If 2 factors are not set up in their account then no transaction will be allowed by the system.

Bind account to IP Address*

A user can enable the whitelist system from their profile page where they bind their account to a selected IP address. All login from other IP addresses is denied and only selected IP addresses can access their account.


PayFrequent wallet provides 24x7 live chat supports. No more bot messages and no need to wait hours for a response. A minimum of 2 representatives will be available around the clock for your assistance


PayFrequent Belongs to RK Group Internationals.

RK Group is a group of Enthusiastic Blockchain developers; their main aim is to utilize blockchain technology to the fullest.

RK Group also owns several other Projects “Payfrequent, PayFQ, 24x7Crypto,, Etc.”

Visit Our Telegram Group

Visit ( to learn more.



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