Stake with PayFrequent! — Introducing “staking without any Locking period”.

Jun 11 · 3 min read

Introducing Staking, PayFrequent has introduced the facility to stake PUSD, PEUR, and PayFQ Tokens. It is unique and not like the other Crypto Staking Program.
The Cryptocurrency project that allows you to stake without locking your coins.

How Staking (Proof of Stake) Works?
Those of you interested in taking part in “Staking” or “Proof of Stake” Can do it by locking some amount of coins as their share or stake. The amount of the staked coins is used to calculate whether the Node will be selected to validate and forge the next block. The node with the most number of stakes will become the next to validate a block and receive rewards.

Any time a node is selected to forge a block it begins by checking each transaction in the block to determine if they are all valid. If they are the node will forge the block and add it to the blockchain. In return, the node receives the transaction fees associated with that block as a reward.

How Staking Works at PAYFREQUENT!?

The interested users, who want to take part in the staking program, only have to store some amount of coins (PAYFQ or PUSD or PEUR) in any supported wallet (Payfrequent wallet, Trust wallet or Tomochain Wallet). Yes, you read it correctly! There is no Lockout period or any conditions, it works like a charm.

Users can store coins at any desired wallet that supports (PAYFQ or PUSD or PEUR) and the coins are staked. You receive passive income or rewards in this way.

Like it says in the White paper,

Most companies provide rewards for holding their coin and locking it for a time. With PayFrequent you can Hold it in any wallet with your private key and spend it anytime without any locking period and get a reward based on your balance.”

You enjoy the facility to stake as well as use your coin at any time.

How to Participate in staking?

To participate, all you have to do is store PAYFQ or PUSD or PEUR tokens in any one of your favorite wallets and you are ready to GO!

How many rewards will I Earn?

The more the coins you hold, Greater the Rewards. Refer to the table below for detailed instructions.

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PayFrequent Stablecoin Reward

Users will earn rewards on MONTHLY or HOURLY or DAILY basis according to the coins stored.

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