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Jul 4, 2018 · 5 min read

Helping our customers get better at managing their finances is central to the Paylater service.

It’s the reason we provide instant loans for urgent cash needs, 24/7. It’s also why we built features to transfer funds, pay bills, and purchase airtime easily on your mobile device.

Over the last 2 years, our app’s features have helped customers support families, grow businesses, and pay for services, whenever required.

While these are all great for the ‘here and now’ situations, we recognize that, sometimes, you also need to plan well into the future and better control your financial flows by putting away money.

But here’s the problem: right now, the most common available options to do this aren’t great.

  1. You could join a cooperative, but be reliant on all other members participating fairly.
  2. You could use one of multiple digital savings solutions out there, but with your potential earnings on offer at below-inflation rates, you might just be making your money work for them, and not the other way around.
  3. You could invest in treasury bills, but if you have the minimum ₦50 million required to invest as an individual lying around, then.. 🙌
  4. You could deposit your money with your bank, but at interest rates that make just storing the cash under your mattress look attractive.

Even if you do regularly set aside money for a rainy day in a ‘piggy bank’ or ajo, platforms that don’t just store your money but actually help you grow wealth by providing valuable returns can be difficult to find.

We’d like to fix that.

To help you focus on building wealth by earning great returns on your money, we’ve created PayVest: a fixed-interest investment account, available now in the updated Paylater app!

🎉 💥

Why invest, anyway?

PayVest provides the flexibility, convenience and stability you need, at one of the best interest rates you’ll find available, anywhere.

A few things to look out for:

Fantastic Investment Terms

With annual interest rates of up to 15.5%*, you’ll struggle to find anything (legal) that matches PayVest’s return on investment. It’s comfortably above the inflation rate, thus ensuring you’re only ever earning money and not losing it. Single investments can range from ₦50,000 to ₦10 million.

Setup Multiple Plans

It’s extremely easy to create a diverse portfolio for your short- and long-term investment plans. You can setup up to 5 plans towards different goals in the app — whether it’s a 3-month investment in your next holiday, or a 12-month plan towards a house— PayVest offers the flexibility you need.

Zero Fees / Hidden Charges

If you’re as tired as we are of card maintenance, management fees, and just general charges for no reason, PayVest is a great option. There are no fees to setup an investment account, or to maintain one. We transparently display all current and potential earnings (as well as legal requirements like withholding tax) in your app, and what you see is exactly what you’ll get.

Easy Withdrawals

Have an urgent need for funds before your maturity date? Not a problem. We have no restrictions and you can request a withdrawal right in your app at any time. Just select the investment you’d like to liquidate and have it sent to your account.

To encourage your financial discipline, however, once locked in to an investment, you’ll only earn full interest when your investment has reached maturity. It literally pays you to be disciplined. 😉

Setting up a PayVest account

  1. Download the updated Paylater app from the Google Play Store
  2. On the Home Page, click ‘Activate Payvest’ and enter the amount you would like to invest
  3. Name your investment plan (bonus points for anyone who names theirs ‘I ❤️ Paylater’!) and then confirm the terms
  4. We’ll provide a customized account for you to transfer your investment to, and, boom! Your investment is locked in. 💰

It’s as simple as that.

Security Guaranteed

Trust and security are of utmost importance to us.

From day 1, our services have been entirely digital: we disburse cash loans round the clock to individuals we’ll never physically meet, but have found that trust reciprocated by most of our excellent customers.

By the same token, when you invest your money with us, it’s a big signal of trust, and we’ll always take that as a serious responsibility.

PayVest investments are protected and always available for withdrawal, anytime you wish. Funds are managed by One Finance and Investments Limited (RC No: 1044655), which is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Your security is guaranteed whenever you use Paylater. 🔐

Future plans?

We think PayVest has great potential and can develop in a lot of different ways even more beneficial to our customers.

Imagine being able to choose from a selection of various high-return assets to place your investments in. Or perhaps you want to setup a group plan with your friends/family towards growing your wealth collectively, where each of you can contribute and earn interest individually.

(There are even more exciting updates to come — but more on that later.) 📺

Getting full control of one’s finances can be difficult, but when done right, the rewards are powerful. We hope PayVest can serve as a first step towards financial freedom.

To get access to PayVest and other great features, the Paylater app is available for download now on the Google Play Store.

Have questions on PayVest? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

*Withholding tax is applied on interest earned

We’re excited to hear your feedback on the new feature. Tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have ideas on how we can improve this feature further, definitely reach out! 💡

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Carbon (Paylater)

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The Carbon Blog

Serving the next billion with digital financial services.

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