Paylater is now Carbon.

Carbon (Paylater)
Apr 8 · 3 min read


I’m sure you’ve seen and heard a lot about the Paylater rebrand over the last few weeks. Well, it is my pleasure to finally announce it to you.

Paylater is now known as Carbon.

Before I dive into the new name, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane…

Paylater owed its roots to One Credit, a pioneer in the consumer lending space, launched over 7 years ago. Loans then were issued through sales agents and loans were only available to salaried employees.. only after receiving several employment documents and cheques for loan repayments. As you can see, Paylater no resemble him mama!

It launched at a time when lending with no collateral was unthinkable.

Paylater, which launched in March 2016, revolutionised finance in Nigeria as the first digital lender. After introducing instant loans, we then added new services to make transacting cheaper and completely seamless. These include bill payments, airtime purchases, free credit reports, investments, personal finance management, and our exciting Wallet.

More recently, we launched Bloom, a support system for female business owners. We will also unveil new innovative products including a virtual Visa card that will be proof that we have fully shifted from just digital lending to an all-round digital finance platform.

Any review of our old brand would conclude that the name “Paylater” was no longer a true reflection of who we are and our promise to customers going forward. We are so much more and over the last few months, we have been working on a new brand that is more reflective of our aspirations.

We wanted an identity that positions us for growth, change and continued success. An identity that looks to the future but can also capture even that which is not yet envisioned.

We have never believed that we are just a finance company, transacting with customers. Rather we have sought to immerse ourselves in your life with the goal of trying to add value even through non-financial means.

We are also working hard to reduce your burden by providing additional features such as health plans, accident and life insurance. It will become clearer that our vision is of a company that walks side by side with it customers, going everywhere together, in a collaborative and dynamic relationship.

So, with that said..


Carbon is:

“Carbon is essential for life as we know it and all organic compounds contain carbon” (

Carbon is the most versatile element in the world. It forms graphite — one of the softest minerals, and diamonds — one of the hardest. It is everywhere and forms the foundation of all known-life on earth. More materials contain Carbon than any other element.

To us, Carbon represents our aspiration to go everywhere with you. To form an essential part of your existence and to be versatile enough to change or innovate to fulfil your needs.

Chijioke Dozie, CEO

The updated app is now available on the Google Play Store, and you can view our new website here.

The Carbon Blog

Serving the next billion with digital financial services.

Carbon (Paylater)

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The Carbon Blog

Serving the next billion with digital financial services.

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