Digital Payments + Accounts Management in One Shot: PayPlus+ API are Out!

Francesca Lucchi
Jan 25, 2019 · 3 min read

We are so happy to announce that PayPlus+ APIs are out and ready to use in your app or website in order to accept digital payments of any kind while managing user accounts in a matter of minutes.

PayPlus+ AG aims at leading the evolution towards the cashless economy and becoming the flagship of the global digital application transaction industry by the end of the decade thanks to an innovative business solution for Corporate Clients built on its own Ecosystem platform.

What Is PayPlus+

PayPlus+ is a payment gateway that handles the variety of the use cases your system may encounter. Subscriptions, one time, or pay-as-you-go payments can be easily set up and customized for different users.

In one shot, with PayPlus+ API you can:

  1. Accept payments from Mastercard or VISA credit cards
  2. Accept payments from other systems like PayPal, Klarna, Mybank, etc.
  3. Be compliant with PCI-DSS specification, so that you (the merchant) will never get to know a credit card number.
  4. Simplify the billing of your applications delegating to us the management of your account’s wallets.

Payment + Business Model Flexibility + Account Management

With just a few lines of code, you’ll be able to connect your application to make it accept digital payments, or managing accounts with virtualized wallets.

As you will find in the documentation, PayPlus+ can be integrated by accessing our RESTful API that can be easily tested in the sandbox environment we provide, and deployed as soon as you are ready.

By accessing the sandbox, you will manage at a glance:

  • Your applications: any application or service you created and connected to PayPlus+ API;
  • Accounts and subaccounts: Each App you link to PayPlus+ has a dedicated account. Every account has master and child accounts to help you administer your app and its users;
  • Your products and billing methods: Accounts (and so their child accounts) can be filled either with cash or with what we call “billable actions”. Products are basically what you sell: monthly subscriptions, single items, one-shot payments, everything that has a value and you want to sell using your app.

A few code lines to connect with PayPlus+ API and unlock digital payments aligned with the company’s business model.

How To Access?

PayPlus+ API are now under private beta, so you have to fill this form and our team will get back to you ASAP with your credentials. In the meantime, you can read the documentation at this link and see what you can obtain with PayPlus+.

Any question? Please, comment below or use the chat on the website to ask anything you’d like to know!

PayPlus+ Digital Payments

About Payment trends and PayPlus+

PayPlus+ Digital Payments

About Payment trends and PayPlus+

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PayPlus+ Digital Payments

About Payment trends and PayPlus+