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Paycoin by Danal Fintech Releases 2 New Services!

‘Paycoin Games’ and ‘Paycoin Gift’

Greetings from the Paycoin team!

We are thrilled to announce that we are releasing two new services into our virtual asset payment platform, Paycoin, today! The first is the “Paycoin Games”, where users can earn various rewards through casual gaming. The second is the “Paycoin Gift”, where users can purchase various kind of products. So what is it all about?

Paycoin Games

‘Paycoin Games’ — Peco Crush

“Paycoin Games” is a hyper-casual game that anyone can enjoy. It is easy to play and players will be able to earn Paycoin (PCI) as rewards based on their scores and rankings. Users will be able to earn PCI rewards up to five times per day and there will be a bonus rewards for the top 10 players in the leaders-board on a weekly basis.

Paycoin Gift

‘Paycoin Gift’

Together with the “Paycoin Games”, we are releasing the “Paycoin Gift” service. “Paycoin Gift” is a mobile gift voucher service where users can buy various products such as movie tickets, F&B vouchers, fast food vouchers, cafe vouchers and more with Paycoin (PCI) they hold. Furthermore, for each products users buy, they will receive an extra reward in Paycoin (PCI).

We plan to continue to build an ecosystem that can enable users to earn Paycoin (PCI) through different services like “Paycoin Shopping”, “Paycoin Games”, and “Paycoin Gifts”, and spend those assets earned in daily life seamlessly. By connecting shopping, reward and various fun element, we aim to build a new type of blockchain-based service that goes beyond payment services.

Thank you.

About Paycoin

Paycoin is a blockchain project that is providing the virtual asset based payment service. As a subsidiary of “Danal” — an integrated payment solution provider — Danal Fintech provides virtual asset payment services based on Paycoin blockchain, which reduces the intermediaries in the existing payment process, enabling lower transaction fees and faster settlement cycles to merchants, and a safe and convenient payment environment to users. Paycoin is the first virtual asset that is being commercialized as payment in Korea, and we aim to lead this new payment market and drive adoption for the service.

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