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Where Can We Use PCI?

Learn about Online/Offline Business Partners

Greetings from the Paycoin team!

In the last few postings, we mentioned some of the Paycoin’s business partners. Today in this posting, we will provide further explanation on online/offline merchants that accept Paycoin (PCI).

(The content of this article is based on May, 2020. We will update the list in the near future!)

Online Stores: Any Delicacy You Are Looking is Available with PCI!

Currently, PCI’s online business partners include Domino’s Pizza, BBQ, KFC, Itemmania, and dal.komm. Coffee. Anything from fried chicken, pizza to coffee can be paid with PCI.

The First to Accept PCI — dal.komm Coffee

The first merchant to accept PCI as a payment method was dal.komm Coffee, which offers both online and offline methods. There are more than 200 dal.komm coffee stores in Korea, and any Paycoin user would have paid at a dal.komm coffee store with PCI at least once by now.

dal.komm Coffee mobile application has a ‘Table Order’ function. This allows user to order coffee remotely, from your seat. By paying with PCI, you can save the time spent in the queue!

Craving for some Fried Chicken or Pizza? Pay with ‘Paycoin’

After our partnership with dal.komm Coffee, we have been steadily expanding our online partnerships with other food franchises. By now, PCI payment is possible at famous franchises such as Domino’s Pizza, KFC, and BBQ, (Fried Chicken), which can all be easily found in everyday life.

To make a payment using PCI, simply install the mobile apps for Domino’s Pizza, BBQ, and KFC or visit their official website. Users can order more conveniently with mobile app, as it can be directly connected with the Paycoin wallet app.

Steps for PCI Payment — Easy & Fast!

  1. Login to the application where you want to order from, and choose either take-out or delivery. Place your order into your cart, then proceed with the payment.
  2. When making the payment, choose ‘Paycoin’ as the method of payment.
  3. When paying with PCI, it will redirect to the Paycoin wallet app. Verify your account through the authentication process. Payment will be completed within seconds!

Last but not least, ‘Itemmania’ is also one of our online business partners where users can buy and sell game items. These game items sold on the website can be purchased through Itemmania’s own mileage points, and PCI can be used to purchase the mileage points.

Offline Business Partners: Enjoying a Life full of Culture through Virtual Assets!

PCI’s offline business partners include dal.komm Coffee, 7-Eleven, CU, Ministop, Golfzone, Ryan Cheezzzeball Adventure, and Kyobo Bookstore (including Hottracks).

The first is convenient store. 7-Eleven is one of the most familiar convenience stores for us. As of the end of October 2019, the number of 7-Eleven franchises in Korea reached 9880. In additional, CU and Ministop has also joined as one of our merchant partners, making PCI payments available in more than half of the total convenient stores in Korea.

Ryan Cheezzzeball Adventure is an ambitious indoor VR theme park by Kakao Friends. It is a theme park with popular features like VR, and is also located in one of the most famous tourist destinations, Seoul N Tower, making up visitor statistics of approximately 12 million annually.

Ryan Cheezzzeball Adventure’s snack station sells a variety of snacks, which can all be bought with PCI.

Other offline merchants include ‘Kyobo Bookstore’, the largest bookstore in Korea, ‘Hottracks’, one of the largest franchise that sells office supplies, daily items, gifts, etc., and ‘Golfzone’, a screen golf franchise in Korea.

Offline Payment is Even Easier!

It is very easy to use PCI for an offline payment. Simply present your barcode on the main screen of the Paycoin Wallet app to the staff at the counter, and you are good to go!

About Paycoin

As a subsidiary of “Danal” — an integrated payment solution provider — Paycoin provides virtual asset payment services based on blockchain. By reducing the intermediaries in the existing payment process through blockchain, we not only provide lower transaction fees and faster settlement cycles to merchants, but also a safe and convenient payment environment to users. Paycoin is the first virtual asset that is being commercialized as payment in Korea, and we aim to lead this new payment market and drive adoption for the service.

Website | KakaoTalk(KR) | Kakao Channel(KR) | Telegram(ENG) | Twitter(ENG) | Facebook(KR) | Paycoin Wallet(KR)




PayProtocol is a simple and convenient cryptocurrency payment platform for both e-commerce and retail use. It is a cryptocurrency project supported by Danal, a payment company based in South Korea.

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Paycoin (PCI)

Paycoin (PCI)

PayProtocol is a virtual asset payment platform for both e-commerce and retail use. It is a virtual asset project by Danal (

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