FAQs about GST migration with Paytm

Q. What is GST IN number and why is it required?

A. GST IN number is offered to all dealers and service providers who are registered under state VAT law.

It includes a unique TIN number and service tax registration number, which are issued by the respective state tax authorities.

With the application of the GST tax system, taxpayers will get consolidated into one single platform for compliance and administration purposes and will be assigned registration under a single authority known as GST-IN.

Q. What if I do not update my GST IN?

A. GST IN should be updated with us, as without it you will not be able to take credit advantage against the tax we collect.

Q. How can I update my GST IN details with Paytm?

A. You are requested to update your GST IN details via the link https://goo.gl/5j8wuc latest by 16th June.

Q. How can I get the GST IN number ?

A. If you don’t have a GST number yet, you can apply for one by visiting the website: https://www.gst.gov.in/ and enrolling yourself.

Q. Would there be any changes in the deduction?

A. The applied service tax will change to 18% instead of the earlier value of 15%.

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