Gratification Wallet

The gratification wallet is up and running. We are constantly trying to incorporate your business into the digital India revolution. We want you to be able to do your work with ease and we enable you to do so with our technology.

How does it works?

Gratification wallet is created for your benefit so that you can easily store your digital money and pay your customers in various forms like cashback, bonus, loyalty point. It could also be used to pay your employees or any one you want as reimbursement, R&R, gifting etc

You can easily access your gratification wallet from your merchant dashboard

Benefits of a gratification wallet

A gratification wallet lets you give money to employees and customers. This is transferred to the recipient’s Paytm wallet instantly. All you need is your business wallet.

You can also start a referral program with customers where you could provide incentives for promoting your business to customers.

The gratification wallet can help you monitor the amount you send to employees and customers.

Gratification wallet allows you to:

  1. Reimburse employees
  2. Offer cashbacks and loyalty benefits to customers
  3. Auto-upload through Virtual Account No. This means that once you transfer funds to us, it will automatically reflect in your business wallet within 3 hours.

With your gratification wallet you can run loyalty programs and give cash-backs to customers. This, too, you can do directly from your merchant panel.

How to get gratification wallet

You can contact to get a gratification wallet.

Once you have the wallet, you will be able to see it on your merchant panel.

In the module below, you will learn how to use gratification wallet and best practices.

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