Know your panel: Settlements

This week we will go through settlements and how we manage them at Paytm. We will go through how a settlement is made into your account and then go through the settlement report accessible on our merchant panel.

Payout settlement

We settle all payments in T+1 days. This means that it days one business day after a transaction is initiated. So, the transactions of 1st of a month will show on 2nd in your account statement.

The settlement amount is calculated as transaction sum net of commission, GST, refunds, charge-backs.

Settlement report

The settlement report will have several details including:

  1. Settlement date and amount
  2. The UTR which is applicable for all the transactions settled. This is generated daily for all the settlements done in bank on that day- you can also filter reports by the UTR number
  3. All settlements are made after one day. So, please wait one business day for it to reflect in the settlements tab
  4. Do note that all transactions and settlements show up as positive transactions in the report including refunds initiated by you. Transactions status marked as refund settled needs to be subtracted from sum of transaction status marked as settled.

See the module below to learn more the process in depth:

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