Paytm for your online business

Paytm is synonymous with digital India and payment solutions. We help a variety of businesses accept payments. And we do it well. We offer solutions for your online business- be it an app or a website. We have something for you at the most competitive prices in the market.

Currently we offer payment gateway as well as wallet solutions for online businesses. These can be easily used on all major marketplace platforms and the SDK’s are available for both Google Play and iOS.

Payment Gateway

Our payment gateways allow you to accept payments from a Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking as well as wallet. We offer a blend of security and efficiency to make your business easier:

  1. It is easy to get started- You can go live with wallet within hours of signing up. You needn’t have PCI documents for this either.
  2. It is fast: This means lower user drop and highest transaction rates in the industry. We do this by simply being the most seamless and fastest
  3. Quick settlement cycle: Settlement is made in your bank account directly at T+1.
  4. Panel to track your business: Paytm gives you a panel you can access to to download reports related to your settlements, transactions or refunds.
  5. Customized solutions for your needs: We have a solution for every need. Be it Payment Gateway only, Payment gateway + wallet, subscription or what not. We have a solution for your need.

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