Introducing Investment Packs on Paytm Money

Get customized mutual fund portfolio recommended by our advisory team

Investing in Mutual Funds is the talk of the town, after all it does help you in achieving your financial goals — be it wealth creation or capital protection.

With over 11,000+ mutual fund schemes available in India, many of you often ask us which fund should I invest in?

Introducing Investment Packs on Paytm Money — with this we solve the crucial problem of identifying the right combination of mutual fund schemes that are best suited for your risk taking ability.

To help you find the right Investment Pack for you, we provide you with a free risk assessment that tells you whether you are a:

  • Low Risk Investor: You do not wish to take any investment risk and your priority is to protect your capital.
  • Conservative Investor: While you like to preserve your capital, you don’t mind some fluctuation in your portfolio value.
  • Moderate Investor: You prefer a consistent growth pattern with few fluctuations.
  • Growth Investor: You are willing to take moderately high risk with your money to achieve potentially high returns.
  • Aggressive Investor: You want to achieve long term growth and are comfortable with loss in the short term.

Once you take the risk assessment & you are aware of your risk appetite, you can pick the Investment Pack that is suited for you.

A typical investment pack usually:

  • consists of 3–5 mutual fund schemes
  • has an asset allocation of debt-equity based on risk profile
  • has an option to invest via SIP or lump sum mode
Large Pack
  • includes large packs with minimum investment amount of Rs. 5,000
Mini Pack
  • includes mini packs with minimum investment amount of Rs. 2,000

“Our focus with Paytm Money has always been to add incremental investors to the Mutual Fund industry. While we offered our investors a simple and seamless investment execution service along with easiest SIP management, there was always a question our new investors had — where do I invest? With Investment Packs, we aim to solve this gap by offering all investors on Paytm Money these custom advisory portfolios and make investing simpler even for first time investors.” said Pravin Jadhav, Whole-Time Director of Paytm Money.

But, who has created these packs?

Our in-house advisory team led by Ankit Fitkariwala has conducted rigorous research & come up with these diversified portfolios of schemes to help you achieve your financial goals.

Advisory Team, Paytm Money

“We are proud to launch a differentiated product like investment packs on our platform. Based on a user’s risk profile, investment pack does asset allocation and also picks the right funds for an investor. We urge users to invest via investment packs based on their risk profile, so that they can achieve their individual goals over the long term. This is a product that should appeal to a new investor for its simplicity as well as to an experienced user for the goal it serves.” commented Ankit Fitkariwala, General Manager, Investment Advisory at Paytm Money.

Who are these packs ideal for?

These packs are ideal for every investor and will primarily assist new investors in picking appropriate combination of funds effortlessly. All they need to know is their:

  • Risk-taking capability (as per our free risk profile tool)
  • The amount they wish to invest

Even for experienced users, investment packs make the cumbersome process of maintaining asset allocation and choosing the right schemes very simple.

This investment amount gets auto-allocated among all the schemes in a Pack based on the percentage allocation ratio.

We offer special tax saving investment packs as well :)

Will these packs have the same funds forever?

Our advisory team works round the year to ensure that only the best mutual fund schemes are part of these packs. There will be periodic review of packs by our Advisory team to recommend any change to the composition of these packs.

Glimpse of the Performance of Paytm Money Aggressive Large & Mini Investment Packs:

Note: Rs. 100 invested in Paytm Money packs five years ago would have grown to Rs. 255 as shown in the graph (as on March 01, 2019)

Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Performance of any investment portfolio can neither be predicted nor guaranteed.

How do I start using these packs?

Make sure your risk assessment is complete & discover packs accordingly.

  • Discover packs basis your risk profile
  • Choose a Large or a Mini Pack
  • Invest either via an SIP or one-time lump sum mode

Please note that you can edit the SIP dates for each of the schemes within the pack, even though the amount allocated towards each scheme is predefined by us.

To know your risk profile assessment watch this video.

The proud team that helped us bring the investment packs for you

Tech, Design & Product @ Paytm Money

We hope that your investment journey gets a solid push with our state-of-the-art Investment Packs and you are able to diversify your portfolio with just one-tap.

To invest using Investment Packs, upgrade to the latest version of Paytm Money Android or iOS app.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this feature & don’t hesitate to share feedback. Your inputs are what help us improve.

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

FAQs related to Investment Packs can be read here.