Now Track Historical Ratings of Mutual Funds on Paytm Money

Improving your investment experience is an ongoing journey for us and we are constantly working towards providing our users the most seamless investing experience, so you can take informed investing decisions.

A very crucial part of the investing process is to make the right decisions for your hard earned money. No other investment platform enables investors with as much depth and relevant information as we do when it comes to fund selection. We allow users to discover mutual funds by curated investment ideas, by ratings from credible agencies, by search, by AMCs, by fund managers and also by returns which can be easily checked over the years which also showcases market volatility and risks associated.

One of the most loved features by our users when it comes to Mutual Fund selection on Paytm Money is the fact that we are the only app that shows ratings for every mutual fund scheme from 3 most credible rating agencies — Morningstar, CRISIL and Value Research. These are top ratings agencies with strict criteria to evaluate all mutual funds schemes.

We received feedback from our users, that this may not be enough, as these ratings could be either improving or declining and just looking at current ratings, may not give a holistic picture.

So we took the extra mile to bring you the historical trend of Mutual Fund ratings of all schemes. Knowing historical ratings of a fund can help you gauge the consistency in the performance of the fund over time.

This feature is now available for all Mutual Fund schemes that have been rated by — Morningstar, CRISIL and Value Research on the latest version of the app on both iOS & Android.

Note: CRISIL updates its ratings on a quarterly basis, while Value Research & Morningstar update their ratings on a monthly basis. This data is updated regularly from our end and is very contemporary, so that you can take an informed decision at any point in time.

Happy Investing!