Paytm Money iOS App is now Siri Enabled!

Just like your personal assistant Siri, we at Paytm Money, strive towards making your life easier every day. And this time, we are doing it with her!

Last month we enhanced the iOS app experience, now we take it further with deeper integrations on iOS and making it easier by enabling Apple’s intelligent assistant Siri for your everyday investing experience on Paytm Money.

Based on the usage of our investors on the Paytm Money iOS app we have Siri enabled the two most frequently used features of our app — Portfolio Value (yes, you want to keep a track of your investments) and Upcoming SIPs (we are happy to see most investors investing via SIP mode).

Note: To enjoy the benefits of Siri shortcuts and other cutting edge features, please update to iOS 12 right away!

To get to your Paytm Money portfolio, without actually having to open the app, simply command Siri with any catchphrase of your choice. For simplicity’s sake, we suggest, “(Hey Siri) Show my Portfolio” or “View Portfolio”.

How to add a Portfolio Command

Then ask Siri for your portfolio and get a comprehensive view & status of your money & portfolio in the Siri results page. It’s that easy!

Portfolio on the Siri Results Page

You can also ask Siri to display your upcoming SIP investments. Use a phrase such as “(Hey Siri) Show my SIPs” or “View my upcoming investments”.

How to add the SIP command

You can view your upcoming SIPs on the Siri results page!

Upcoming investments on the Siri Results Page

And that’s not all, you can change these phrases any time you like, from the Settings section in the app.

How to edit Siri commands

Additionally, if you are more comfortable typing the commands, please enable this option from Settings.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri > Type to Siri

Toggle & Enable/Disable the Type to Siri option

We hope you enjoy asking Siri for your important investment related details. Please do share your feedback in the comments section below or email to our iOS team on