Introducing: Portfolio Top-Up for your Mutual Fund Investments

Have some extra cash and want to invest it quickly? Now you can top-up your existing Mutual Fund investments in a minute.

It’s ideal to invest in mutual funds, before you spend all your salary, especially whenever you have some extra money that you won’t mind investing for your long term goals. Other times, there are bigger opportunities to contribute towards your long term goals such as receiving a bonus at work, or other windfalls.

To help you use this money to its best, we are making topping-up your investment portfolio much simpler now. It takes only a minute or less. It’s easy and flexible — you can choose which investments to top-up, either all or by a specific category. You can quickly edit the value of each and top-up with a single payment experience.

Paytm Money provides the choice to either top up all the mutual fund schemes in the portfolio or an individual scheme. 
This can be used in multiple ways :
- top-up Equity funds for your long-term goals, 
- or ELSS investments towards annual tax saving or 
- simply top up liquid funds as an alternative to keeping money in bank account.

The investment will be made in lumpsum mode, and the option to top-up is available from your main portfolio section in the Paytm Money app.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the ‘Portfolio’ section of the app.
  2. Under the section Mutual Fund Investments on Paytm Money, you will see the option to “Top-up Your Portfolio”.

3. On the next screen you can view all the schemes you have invested in, in your portfolio.

4. Ensure that all the schemes that you wish to top up are selected.

5. You have the option to choose a category based on mutual fund categories or asset classes such as equity, debt, balanced funds, or tax saver funds, etc.

6. Tap on the “rupee symbol” icon to edit the amount.

7. You can choose a pre-filled amount.

8. You can also edit the amount as per your preference.

And you are done!

Please note that all these transactions are one-time lumpsum investments only.

We hope you like using this new & updated hassle-free investing experience.

Our Proud Team Behind Making Portfolio Top Up Live

With this update, investing in your existing portfolio is quick, easy and seamless. Please update the app to the latest version to be able to use this feature.

Don’t forget to share your feedback about the same in the comments section below.