A Nutty Affair- How Paytm Smart Retail POS helps Tuba Arabian Dates Grow and Expand

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Tuba- Bringing dates from the tree that grows in heaven, literally!


A dizzying display of dry fruits and nuts greets customers at the Tuba Arabian Dates store. Afreed, the owner started his first store in Jayanagar, Bangalore on August 3rd, 2018, with the aim of providing the best quality dates and dry fruits at reasonable prices. In a matter of just ten months, Afreed has added another store in Frazer town.

The Challenge

Afreed knew that he couldn’t stick to manual store management processes if he wanted to optimize and expand. In his hunt for the right POS, he couldn’t find one that met his expectations for performance and ease of use.

Another reason that Afreed was looking for a POS system was his large inventory that contained perishable items. He had to streamline his purchase process and manage multiple suppliers.

Afreed wanted his billing process to be fast, quick and hassle-free. He was looking for an easy to use interface that provided multiple options such as price edit, queued orders and split payment options.

The Solution

Afreed zeroed in on Paytm Smart Retail to manage his store operations. He says “Paytm Smart Retail POS is very easy to use. I had seen other POS systems but the performance wasn’t great.” Smart Retail has been operational since his store opened and Afreed admits that he hasn’t had any problems with the application. Inventory management has become easy, items are added and synced within minutes. Afreed also manages all his purchases and suppliers within one application. This has given him more time to interact with his customers and answer their queries.

Billing is efficient with Smart Retail. “Even if a particular item has just arrived, I can add it to inventory immediately and then bill it for the customer. I can accomplish all this without making the customer wait,” states Afreed. He also finds the price editing and bill queuing options convenient and useful. Training staff to do the billing was a hassle-free process and was accomplished in a few hours.

Afreed admits that Paytm payments account for half of the transactions at his store. “Ever since Demonetization, customers prefer to use cashless payment options such as the Paytm wallet,” he adds. The onboarding process and the after-sales service support checked all the boxes for Afreed. He rates it a 10/10 and has recommended Smart Retail to other retailers in similar segments.

As Afreed continues on his entrepreneurial journey, He plans to invest in additional POS machines for all of his new stores. He knows he doesn’t have to worry about sales and stocks across branches. He can view all the information, collated in one place.

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