How to Choose a Restaurant POS System

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Restaurant POS systems are essential to hotel owners who want to deliver an exceptional guest experience, maintain financial control over their business, and grow their revenues and overall profitability.

POS systems should be at the heart of modern restaurant operation, in order to streamline workflows. As the F&B industry becomes more competitive and margins become smaller, restaurant POS systems offer more features such as reporting, analytics, inventory management, employee management, loyalty programmes and pilferage prevention.

What are the essential features to look for in a restaurant POS?

Easy to Use and Scale

  1. How busy your restaurant is
  2. What is the operation flow on the restaurant floor
  3. Average turnover time
  4. How large or small your menu is

Another thing to keep in mind is the scale of your business and how you plan to expand or grow. You should select a point of sale system that can scale with your business. While opening multiple outlets, you should be able to track operations across all outlets, including stocks and sales per day, from one place.

Paytm Smart Retail features a user-friendly interface. Your staff will be able to use it with minimum training. It is designed to keep pace with your restaurant’s operations. If you add new branches, you can easily view sales and stock across branches.

Table Management and Billing

Paytm Smart Retail offers a neat table management view, that is sectioned into tables and floors based on your restaurant. The POS device offers the full view of the menu which enables the waiters to take orders faster and also suggest dishes based on the customer’s preferences. The waiter can also park orders and start new orders.

Once an order is placed, Smart Retail allows users to print the kitchen order ticket so that there is a seamless flow of communication between the dining area and the kitchen.

Segregation by Sales Channel

Paytm Smart Retail allows Billing across multiple channels and sales can be logged separately. The owner is able to ascertain his most popular sales channels. He can tailor his offering accordingly and direct more resources towards the most lucrative channels.

Inventory Management System

Inventory management must also distinguish between ingredients that are used to prepare a dish and the dish itself. This ensures that a hotel never has to experience stockout. Another advantage of this distinction is that ingredients can be mapped to a specific dish and the quantities required can be updated. This ensures that the recipes remain consistent.

Paytm Smart Retail allows users to separate non-stockable and stockable items. The item build option helps users map ingredients to dishes with ease. If you have multiple branches, you can also transfer stock between the branches. You can also create purchase orders and manage vendors.

Customer Relationship Management

With Paytm POS, Customer Information such as name, delivery address, birthdays and anniversaries can be stored along with their order history. You can also create loyalty programmes to encourage repeat orders and increase your customer base.

A Data-focused Approach

Paytm Smart Retail provides in-depth sales reports that can be viewed with the help of multiple filters. Graphical representation also makes it easier to pick up trends and patterns.

Access Control

Paytm Smart Retail offers a comprehensive user management system to add and remove users and edit user information. You can select from the list of predefined roles and even offer access to multiple stores.

The Restaurant business is no cakewalk, but with the right POS, you can stay ahead of the game and have your customers coming back for more! If you would like to know more about how Paytm Smart Retail can help you, give us a call at 91 97–4251–2093 or visit

Paytm Smart Retail

Paytm Smart Retail is a cloud-based, GST enabled solution…

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