A Guilt-Free Indulgence: How Paytm Smart Retail helps Dolce Gelato manage Multiple Dessert Parlours

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Churning out delicious, low fat, flavourful and creamy Icecreams across Delhi.


Dolce Gelato is a brand owned by Modi Illva India Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture between Umesh Modi Group and Prodotti Stella, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of Ice Cream raw materials and part of Euro 4500 million Illva Saronno Group. Together, they sell premium artisanal fresh Italian style Ice creams. Akshay, head of Marketing and Branding, states that the current footprint is 11 parlours across Delhi-NCR and counting.

The Challenge

“We were operating outlets even before opting for Paytm Smart Retail. There was a discrepancy in the data being sent from different stores” says Akshay. Stores would send data in different formats, which made it difficult to monitor and manage the stores. This complicated inventory management and cut into profits.

Dolce Gelato was also looking for an integrated solution that would help them bill, accept cashless payment options and print invoices.

The Solution

Akshay was introduced to Paytm Smart Retail through a referral. The Sales representative took him on a journey of what the software is capable of doing, the various features starting from as small as capturing customer details, to the billing details like time, item of billing and GST tax slabs.

“Now we have sanctity in data, it flows in one similar format” states Akshay. For Dolce Gelato, real-time monitoring and analysis have become easy, KPIs are captured and Smart Retail’s Inventory management system makes it easy to track pilferage and wastage. Akshay says, “Where there are loopholes- leaks in the buckets, we are able to track them and progress towards better growth and profits.”

Dolce Gelato has been using Paytm Smart Retail for the last three months and they haven’t experienced any hiccups. They haven’t faced the requirement of contacting the Smart Retail helpdesk, Akshay says, It’s a self-sufficient plug-and-play software. Once activated, it runs on its own very well,” He rates the support and service an 8, simply because the system itself is autonomous!

“The plus point that Paytm Smart Retail has brought into the market is that they have integrated 3 machines-the printer, the EDC machine, and the billing machine. This is the biggest USP of this product ” says Akshay. He elaborates that this would be beneficial not only in the F&B industry but also across the retail industry.

Are you a retailer with multiple stores, struggling to manage them all? Paytm Smart Retail can help you track operations across stores with ease. Visit https://pos.paytm.com/ for more details.

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