World Environment Day: The rise of organic products in India

Sangita Ekka
Jun 4, 2019 · 3 min read
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Over the past few years, India has undergone multi-directional changes; it is more connected, more informed and people are making better decisions aided with increased awareness on available information. Terms like “climate change”, “global warming” etc are increasingly making news and flooding social media accounts. Slowly but steadily, the understanding that human beings are not disconnected from their surrounding is percolating into human psyche. The organic movement is one such attempt to give back to the planet and turning into a popular practice in India.

Organic farming and its growing demand

Organic farming is practiced across the globe and with varying levels of success in 178 countries. As per TechSci research reports Global organic food market is expected to reach $262.85 billion by 2022. In the year 2018, organic market in India was estimated at $575.28 Mn which is projected to increase to $1436 Mn by 2020. Additionally, the growing awareness on climate crisis, hazards of genetically modified foods and the growing trend to eat healthy is contributing to organic purchases.

India is well equipped to meet these demands both in domestic market and internationally. The country ranks 9th in terms of total area under organic cultivation and currently engages the highest number of farmers in organic farming. There is a constant demand for Indian organic food products which increased the export revenue from $370 million in the year 2016–17 to $515 million in the year 2017–18. Foodstuffs like pulses, millet, tea, sugar, dry fruits, medicinal plant products etc remain popular categories. This growing market is ripe to venture into the business of organic food and organic farming.

Organic Apparel, Cosmetics, Pharma

From Roti,Kapda,Makaan (Food, clothing and shelter) trio, kapda or apparel industry has also joined the organic race and it is growing at the pace of 10% annually. While India still remains a niche market, there is a major market for organic apparel in US and European countries. Driven by the instinct to reduce environmental pollution from textile and dyeing processes, apparel industries are producing cotton clothes using herbal textiles. From design to final product, steps are taken to ensure minimum wastage and pollution.

Apart from consumables and clothing, other industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, baby care products, and personal care products are also gaining traction. E.g. In 2017, skin care market, stood at $1.6 billion and it’s projected to reach $2.7 billion by 2023, with organic skin care products growing on 20% CAGR. People are increasingly becoming aware and concerned about what goes into building these products, what they consume, what they wear, and what goes on their skin. Organic products by nature give them toxic free, environmental friendly and lasting results.

World Environment Day

47 years back, World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly on how human interactions are to be integrated with the environment. 5th of every June is a reminder of that healthy interactivity. The negative impacts of human consumption on the environment and changing climatic conditions are not unknown. From finding organic solutions to replacing plastic with biodegradable alternatives, efforts are made by people and companies alike to preserve nature for future generations. FMCG is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy, and hence reaches the largest part of the Indian population in terms of their daily requirements. Adopting large scale organic measures could lead to reduced pollution, reduced carbon footprint, better air quality, better environment and eventually to better health.

This World Environment Day, pledge for a cleaner environment, healthier consumption and a better tomorrow! Start small. Start with efforts to fight air pollution. Paytm invites you to take part in #BeatAirPollution pledge and learn how your small contributions can go a long way in dealing with air pollution crisis in India. Pledge Now!

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