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K-11,12? Do These Movie Theatre Seats Work for You?

An avid movie-goer or not, at some point in time all of us have booked movie tickets online with the whole gang. Yes, you might’ve escaped from standing at the box office but no one escapes the conversations that follow while booking — “Centre mein nahi hai kya?”, “How far is it from the screen?”, “Should we just wait for it to come on TV”, “Why don’t we just watch it from the floor instead?”

While booking movie tickets online gives us extreme convenience, letting your fellow movie-goer(s) know the seats you’ve selected is a huge hassle. The traditional way is taking a screenshot followed by sending out a series of texts with details like the show timing, price and the seat location with respect to the screen. Well, there’s another way and it’s called ‘Seat Map Share’, available on the Paytm Insider mobile app.

What is Seat Map Share?

The Seat Map Share feature is a simpler and faster way to run your seat selection by anyone. It not only shows them the seats you’ve marked but also provides the timing, price and all the necessary information one needs to know while booking a movie ticket.

How does it work?

  • Open the Paytm Insider app and select the movie you’re planning to go for
  • Select the theatre and show timing
  • Select your preferred seats
  • Click on the rectangular icon on the top right corner
  • Click on ‘Share Seat Map’
  • Share it with whomever you want and done!

All it takes is a few taps to get the job done and have a seamless movie-going experience without having to text/call John Wick, Ethan Hunt or Hermione Granger (assuming they’re your friends) every time to figure out if the seats work. Happy ending, don’t you think? 😊



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