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In the last 4 years, we have been focused on building out the best tool for organisers to market and monetise their events. The buying experience for event tickets has been something we have obsessed about and the product and our success in event ticketing speaks for itself.

We have also been wondering on what to do next, for the last year we have been patiently working on becoming a destination for one core part of your life — ‘Your Weekend.’

If you have been following our Instagram posts, this should come as no surprise. Here is our favourite post from the weekend series.

When we looked at the Weekend map for a user in India, three things stood out as experiences people chose from.

i) Movies

ii) Events, sports and experiences

iii) Content

If Insider had to play a meaningful role on weekends, we had to build an experience which meaningfully adds to the weekend map.

With over 20,000 events and experiences, it’s safe to say that we’re now well established in events, sports and experiences.

3 weeks ago, we announced ‘Digital events’ on the Insider app. This is our take on participative, interactive and fun digital experiences on Insider. In the last 3 weeks over 30,000 users have used the “Play it Live” section on the app and we hope this becomes a sliver of the time our users spend with us. This is our core offering if you don’t want to step out of home!

Movies holds the largest wallet spend when it comes to users in India. It’s also a field dominated by large companies who have been working on it for decades. When we started working on movies we really felt the need to differentiate our use case and build an experience that stands out. To do this, we spoke to people who love movies.

After speaking to hundreds of users we realised the standard movie booking experience has 4 main decision making branches

i) I want to watch a particular movie

ii) I want to watch a movie on a particular date

iii) I want to watch a movie in a particular theatre

iv) I don’t know what to watch and want to discover what’s playing. Users rely on trailers to discover movies.

Based on this, we have built a product that we think really moves the needle on discovery and buying experience for movies. Here are some of the highlights:

i) Book by date: We mostly tend to plan whether we can go for a movie depending on the day we are free. It’s surprising that no platform today allows you to see all the movies playing on a given date. Our UI is organised around seeing all movies currently playing or you can choose a date and you can see movies playing on that day. You don’t have to go back and forth and do mental math to figure out whats playing and at what time on a given day.

ii) Insider Assist: Users have a short list of 2–3 theatres where they watch movies, however apps continue to show the entire theatre list for users to make their choice. Also going from movie -> date -> show -> seats is a painful process, we have short circuited that by allowing users to compare shows at their favourite theatres on a single screen and directly jump to the seat selections screen.

iii) Trailer view: How many times have you watched an interesting trailer and then forgotten about the movie when it released? Happens to us all the time! We have build a seamless trailer watching experience where users can watch back to back trailers, and favourite upcoming movies and be notified when tickets go live!

iii) Filters: Want to go to a movie in the evening? Welcome to becoming best friends with the back button. Not on Insider :)

We have a bunch of other features which should help you decide which movie to watch and then find the fastest way to buy the ticket! We’ve started off with the PVR screens and hundreds of other cinemas around the country, and look forward to adding more cinema chains to this ticket buying experience real soon.

Want to try it out? Download from the links below. Use the code WeekendJunkie and get INR 50 off on your first movie ticket!

Download the app here: iOS | Android

Oh, before we forget. We’re super proud of what we have been able to achieve in the last year.

  • We (Insider + Paytm) are the market leader in sports ticketing
  • We have grown 8X in the last 18 months and are number 1 app for events in the Android app store
  • We continue to build a team and culture of which we are super proud

Today we change tact on how we speak about and think we have enough in our arsenal to keep you entertained for weekends to come. —“Plan your weekend”

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