Read me: an important announcement from Paytomat!

Nov 20, 2018 · 2 min read

As you may already know, several months ago we announced a token sale with the public phase planned to start at the end of this year. However, the market requires certain adjustments to be made. Due to the market fluctuations, some negative media reputation of the token sale crowdfunding method, possible regulatory difficulties, and the successful launch of a number of Paytomat products, we’re changing our economic model. We’ve decided to follow a bold but promising strategy:

  1. Paytomat cancels the public token sale stage in favor of the primary coin offering straight on the exchanges. If you are interested in the project, you can already buy PTI tokens without intermediaries. PTI is available at WhaleEx, NewDex, BigOne, Findex, and Eosdaq. The first batch of PTI tokens delivered on these exchanges equals proceeds from commissions received from transactions during the last months.
  2. Although the public sale has been canceled, our team does not refuse the obligations assumed during the framing of the Whitelist. We thank everyone for their interest and offer a Bonus program for getting your tokens. Each whitelist participant will be able to buy PTI directly from the pool reserved for the token sale, receiving a 10% bonus on the purchase. Our team guarantees that the price of PTI tokens distributed in such a way won’t be lower than it was at the private sale stage. To date, for Whitelist investors, the price for the tokens is fixed in BTC and is equivalent at the rate of $6500 per 1 BTC. People who bought tokens in this way will receive their assets (with a 10% bonus) from December 2018 to January 2019.
  3. As for token holders who joined the project at the pre-sale stage, their assets will be recalculated and delivered to the owners during December 2018 January 2019. It is important to say that we’ve increased the number of tokens issued to simplify the calculations, and therefore the price of the token was reduced. 1 PTI will be automatically recalculated into 100 PTI. You’ll see a new amount in your personal cabinet soon.
  4. Also, we are launching a series of Airdrops that will allow you to get additional tokens for free. We will report about each of them in our official channels.

You can get acquainted with White paper as well as with our economic model at this link.

Join the Paytomat community in Telegram to get more info:

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