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Dec 12, 2018 · 2 min read
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Paytomat Labs is proud to announce a working cross-chain token migration protocol! Now any team can easily swap the ERC20 tokens into EOS and back after a quick setup.

The advantages for any user are obvious — instant increase in liquidity, we are working with major decentralized exchanges to list your token as soon as it hits the EOS network.

For any ERC20 token team that wants to boost liquidity and solve the problem of the listing in one go, if you want to get your token listed drop us a line at (Please also give your coin ticker, links to the project and list of markets if your token is already being traded)

We provide a turnkey backend and user front can be either provided by you or developed by us. Check out how it works here:

To set up the system two hot wallets are required with balance monitored and maintained. However, cold wallets can be introduced, this way user’s funds will be first sent to cold wallets, and if the amount is larger than the hot wallet balance, the transition can be approved manually by the team.

The process is straight forward for the user if the issuer is paying for gas:

1.Select cross-blockchain swap direction.
2. Submit your Ethereum (ERC20) address and your EOS account.
3. Transfer tokens to our swap address.
4. Receive your tokens on another blockchain.

In case you want to play it safe and not pay for anything, there will be an extra step for the user — transfer a small “hold” amount in ETH and stake/login with EOS, the money held to link the addresses are used to pay the transaction costs for the user.


Decentralized System for Cryprocurrency Payments

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