How to get your PTIs?

Nov 27, 2018 · 4 min read

If you missed our latest news, let us recall that starting from last week Paytomat tokens (PTI by the ticker) are available on a number of exchanges. The main reason for this is the cancellation of the public stage of the token sale. You can read about it here. Thus, in this piece, we’ll consider all possible ways of getting PTI tokens. This information will be primarily useful for those who have never worked with decentralized exchanges before.

To date, PTI is trading on ten exchanges. Each of them has its own characteristics in registration and work processes. Besides, since we are an EOS based project, PTI is available for purchase exclusively via this crypto. List of exchanges is looking the following way: WhaleEx, NewDex, BigOne, Findex, Eosdaq, DEXEOS, DeltaDEX, and Chaince.

Before trading on any of these exchanges, make sure that you have a registered EOS account which you will use to transfer and manage your assets. You can register it directly in Paytomat Wallet, however, keep in mind that this is a paid service that costs around $3-$5. Also, for the trouble-free management of your EOS wallet, we recommend staking up to 5 EOS (for CPU, RAM, and Net). This can be done by logging into your account and clicking on the Resource Management button.

Once the account is ready, you can go straight to the exchanges.


This is a centralized platform operating on the principle of the usual crypto-exchange. You can create an account on the site, deposit your account with EOS and easily buy a necessary amount of PTI. The registration isn’t complicated and BigOne has a detailed FAQ which you can find following the link.

Please note, that you have to pass the KYC for withdrawing funds from your exchange account.

Findex, Eosdaq, and DeltaDEX

These are decentralized exchanges that do not store your assets but directly connect to users’ wallets. All transactions here are executed through Smart Contract and recorded on the blockchain.

To register on these exchanges, you will need to use Scatter — a special program that provides Single Sign-on (SSO) using asymmetric encryption to log into applications without passwords.

Installation does not take much time, and the Scatter is available for different systems. An official FAQ will help you to install and configure this tool.

After passing verification through Scatter, bind your EOS wallet to your dex account and start trading.

Newdex and DEXEOS

These are also decentralized exchanges, but there is one more option for registration. In addition to using Scatter, you can link your exchange account directly to your EOS account. To do this:

  1. Make sure that you have Paytomat Wallet version 1.11 (iOS or Android) or other wallet supporting such type of authorization
  2. Open the Sign In pop up at Newdex

or choose the “Sign in with simple wallet” option in sign in pop up at DEXEOS

3. Scan the QR-code with Paytomat Wallet. The Confirmation window will be open

4. Press “Confirm”

5. That’s it. You can trade on this dex.

Full instruction is here:

Chaince and

These two exchanges are centralized platforms. To create an account at any of them you need to register using your email, then receive a verification letter and replenish your trading account. Keep in mind that Chaince requires to pass a KYC (here is the instruction ) to start your trading.


The last one in the list, but not the least by trading volumes, is the WhaleEx exchange. To register here, firstly you need to receive a special verification code on your phone to create an account. After creating an account, the same as in the previous version, you will need to bind your EOS wallet to the exchange’s Smart Contract. To do this:

  • After registering a phone number and creating the account, you will be redirected to this window
  • Push the “Scan QR code of wallet”
  • Scan the opened QR code with Paytomat Wallet (or any other wallet that supports WhaleEx authorization)
  • Press the Confirm button. 0.0001 EOS will be transferred from your account and it will be bound to the WhaleEx Smart Contract.

Note: after binding your account to this dex, you can’t unbind it back. Also, WhaleEx requires to pass the KYC when trading over 100,000 PTI.

If you are a registered Whitelist investor

We have a special offer for all users who managed to register in our Whitelist. What we grant is a special price with a 10% bonus for each purchase. To reap the benefits from it you should:

  • Go to your investor’s cabinet.
  • Make a purchase. The special offer price of a token is 0.00154 mBTC, plus 10% of bonuses for each purchase.
  • The promotion is valid until 12/25/2018

Keep in mind that after buying tokens for a special offer, you will receive them by the end of January 2019 in full.

That’s it. We hope what we talked about today was helpful for you. Trade smart!


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