Paytomat has integrated Poster POS for global merchants adoption

In Paytomat we’re trying to offer the best possible service by providing relevant functionalities in today’s cryptocurrency world. Here’s our latest updates for October-November.

Poster Integration

We finally finished integration with Poster, which will allow us to expand our solution to international markets. After a successful test here in Ukraine, we’re planning to expand to Netherlands, Poland, Russia and a few other countries in Eastern Europe.

Currently, we support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Waves. However we are not going to stop here. The list will expand over time in order to support as many cryptocurrencies as possible.

Also, currently we’re making a redesign/restructuring of our product, forming a completely new technical solution to make transactions instant, provide analytical info for merchants and support the most desired ways of payments in cryptocurrency.

Mobile POS app for iOS

Also we finished the first version of an iOS app for merchants. Its functionality is rather extensive and not limited to:

  • login by pin code
  • rights management (for administrators, waiters, etc.)
  • invoice generation
  • real time status change
  • filtering by time range

It’s not uploaded to the app store yet, as we have to make sure that everything works fine and well tested. Such an app can be really useful for people who don’t have any POS solution or don’t want to integrate into their solution. It’s a win win for everybody.

Clients and negotiations:

  • Pastateca (restaurant) — officially launched on October 5th.
  • Pesto cafe (network of 9 restaurants), Mister Twister (restaurant) — officially launched at November 28th.
  • TONE Beauty Apartments (spa salon) — officially launched, the first client to test our iOS mobile app.
  •, (online food and groceries delivery — over 1,500 restaurants and supermarkets) — negotiated to create an online module.
  • Planeta Kino (a network of 4 cinemas), Metro (a huge network of supermarkets), Sport Life (network of over 30 sport centers in Ukraine), Bodo (online shop of presents) — possible clients in the next month.

Press & Articles:

  • 9 restaurants Pesto Cafe in Ukraine started to accept cryptocurrency — Forklog
  • A network of restaurants started to accept cryptocurrency — Bitnovosti
  • 10 New Dash-Accepting businesses in Kiev — DashforceNews
  • A network of restaurants started to accept cryptocurrency — Ain
  • TV interview for ‘Segodnya’ channel.