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Paytomat Wallet is launching its referral program

Many of you have been waiting for this update! Here it is — Paytomat Wallet added a new referral program. It will help the existing users to attract new ones and earn money from it. This is the first stage of this function’s integration, it will become even better over time. Are you ready to increase your revenue? Then read on :)

To start working with referral program, user must complete a minimal registration (link their email and phone number) and stake 25k+ PTI. If these conditions are met, user will receive a certain amount of registered promo codes for creating free EOS accounts. Five codes are given as a basis every month but the more you stake — the more codes become available.

  • 25K+ PTI: 5 promo codes
  • 50K+ PTI: 10 promo codes
  • 100K+ PTI: 15 promo codes
  • 250K+ PTI: 20 promo codes
  • Master node: 25 promo codes

Important notice! Codes will not be available immediately, but a week after the staking requirements are completed.

These codes are transferred to other users, who, after using the code, are added to the hierarchy of the invitee. Next, if they, in turn, completed the referral system’s requirements (registration + staking 25k+ PTI), they can also receive promo codes, invite users who will become a part of level 1 for them and level 2 for the original invitee. There will not be a level 3.

Next, based on the invited user’s actions, the invitee receives bonuses. These bonuses are credited to an off-chain to a bonus PTI account, but you cannot withdraw them to blockchain immediately (you will find more details below). The actions themselves are:

  • Creation of the EOS account (adding the user to the hierarchy): 50/10 PTI (from first/second level)
  • Depositing more than $50 in BTC or ETH to the wallet: 50/10 PTI
  • Purchasing PTI with wallet: 1/0.2% of the purchase
  • Purchase/sale/exchange of crypto: 0.1/0.02% of the total amount
  • Staking from 10K PTI: 50/10 PTI
  • Purchase of the master node: 5K/1K PTI

These are the base accrual amounts, a multiplier can be applied to them depending on user’s level

  • Level 1 (basic): up to 200 PTI on bonus account, 1x multiplier
  • Level 2: from 200 PTI on account, 1.1x multiplier
  • Level 3: 500+ PTI, 1.25x
  • Level 4: 1K+ PTI, 1.5x
  • Level 5: 10K+ PTI, 2x
  • Level 6: 25K+ PTI, 2.5x
  • Level 7: 100K+ PTI, 3x

You can withdraw the accrued PTI to blockchain, starting from 1000 PTI. If PTIs are withdrawn, however, user loses all of the previously acquired levels and returns back to level 1.

This is how referral system works in Paytomat Wallet. As we said, it will only get better, easier to use and more convenient over time. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in our official chat. Don’t forget to update your wallet!




Decentralized System for Cryprocurrency Payments

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Decentralized system for cryptocurrency payments

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