Profit Solutions POS integration

Since our project has some history, we decided to recap our accomplishments.

The idea of making easy cryptocurrency payments came to us in June of 2017. After that, we made several strategic partnerships that allowed us to build our first prototype and install it in real restaurants.

The majority of development was heavily focused on the creation of Paytomat API for merchants and basic functions, i.e. generating invoices, keeping track of merchants’ accounts and balances etc. This is the basis for future integrations/partnerships with Point of Sale and e-commerce providers.


  • Created a business flow for Paytomat’s processing center.
  • Established and tested a communication channel via RPC protocol for Bitcoin.
  • Released the first version of Paytomat’s API.
  • Created and invoice generation functionality for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash.
  • Created a module for Profit Solution’s Point of Sale software.
  • Performed various tests on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash transactions.
  • Performed and demonstrated cryptohryvnia payments integration.

Here’s our first demo.


  1. Profit Solutions — Ukrainian company over 12 years of experience in creation, implementation and maintenance of software and hardware solutions for HoReCa industry. Their Point of Sale system cover about 80% of all terminals in the region which means they have a very big network of merchants that can be potential customers of Paytomat’s service.
  2. Dash — decentralized cryptocurrency with 3.3bn market cap. We believe Dash has a bright future as Bitcoin’s competitor in terms of time confirmations, especially when DAPI will be released. So far we’re planning to implement InstantSend feature to ensure immediate confirmations when using Dash.
  3. Cryptohryvnia is an experiment project of national-pegged cryptocurrency in Ukraine. It is lead by Kuna Agency and is aimed to allow payments with token pegged by local currency Hryvnia (UAH).
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