September Mini-conference tour

In August and September we were mostly focused on creating strategies to gain customers and execute certain PR activities.

In terms of development, our main goal was to make sure that everything was well tested and went smoothly during our release in a real restaurant. An extra challenge was to fix all of the miner bugs that could appear at anytime because the blockchain technology is still the experimental stages.

On top of that, we found out that education is the key aspect, and we have to spend more time showing staff how to use this new form of payment.


  • Have increased the frequency of communication between Paytomat’s and Profit Solution’s server from 5 sec to 1 sec.
  • Stress tested Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash payments before and during our release.
  • Enabled cryptocurrency payments in the first restaurant (Givi Rubenshteyn).

Clients & Negotiations:

  • Kozurnaya Karta (network of 300+ restaurants). Negotiated to move the POS integration further due to high overload of the programmers.
  • Givi Rubenshteyn (restaurant). Officially launched at August 15th, 2017.
  • Pastateca, Celentano (restaurants). Negotiated to see an engagement and results from the first restaurant for a few weeks.


  • Poster. We’re really excited to start working with Poster because it’s one of the most awesome and modern Point of Sale softwares with solid functionality. They have over 6,000 international clients which will help globally expand our network fast.

Press & articles:

Conferences participation:

In September, we participated in 3 conferences as speakers: Bitcoin Talks (Kiev, Ukraine), Blockchain Conference Kiev (Kiev, Ukraine) and Coinference (Saint Petersburg, Russia).