Series of Video Pitches for Crypto Founders

If you’ve been following the Paytomat twitter feed for some time, you might notice video messages our team does regularly. To make it more relevant to you, we decided to explain how we came up with this idea and what the purpose of it is.

The Why

There are over 1,500 different cryptocurrencies right now. Each of them has a different angle and a purpose of its use. That attracts various individuals, investors and entrepreneurs who believe in that particular project. Typically, if the coin is worthwhile, it has a big community who would like to see this coin achieve a mass adoption, not only on exchange markets, but also in real life.

Originally we supported only Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash, which are the top projects to date. However, then we decided to expand our list to more novel and advanced coins. Most of the time, we are looking for coins that have qualities of digital cash for day to day payments:

  • fast confirmation times;
  • upcoming usability because nobody is good in that at the moment;
  • stable full nodes and strong dev team;
  • scalable infrastructure that can potentially handle thousands of transactions per second.

As soon as we started to work directly with core teams of cryptocurrencies that have such requirements, we received very positive feedback from their communities. People love use cases that bring liquidity to their assets.

Each time we create a video message, we want to make it as personal, as possible. Most of the time there’s a public figure associated with the project, which simplifies our job to make a decent message.

Our main goal is to make small viral videos that can speak directly to the team and help to encourage a decision to integrate within the Paytomat payment system.

The What

To make videos simple, yet informative, we did a little research to mention the things that a particular crypto is trying to achieve in the long term:

- Waves — create a new economy using blockchain technology;

- Bitcoin Cash — make money fast, reliable and easy to use;

- EOS — build a decentralized economy that scales;

- Dash — have a proper governance structure (DAO);

- NEM — create a new economy movement;

- Ethereum — create decentralized services for truly decentralized economies;

- Litecoin — make cryptocurrency fast and spendable for everyone.

Here’s an example of one of those videos:

As a result, we created 7 separate video messages and one full video that represents a combination of these.

Each member of our team describes one of the characters chosen by our team:

- Analyst — Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum);

- CTO — Brock Pierce (EOS);

- CEO — NEM Community;

- Marketing Development Director — Roger Ver (Bitcoin Cash);

- COO — Sasha Ivanov (Waves);

- Community Manager — Dash Community.

To make the video fun and interactive, we took all of the public things we could find on the web about people who represent a particular crypto:

- Vitalik Buterin — crypto kitty;

- Brock Pierce — cowboy hat;

- NEM community — sushi sticks;

- Roger Ver — jujutsu;

- Sasha Ivanov — a suit for a pool;

- Dash community — tea from a Dash café;

- Charlee Lee — nice glasses.

The How

To accomplish our vision, we hired a team to shoot the video in various locations where you can pay with your crypto using the Paytomat solution: spa salon, restaurant and dental clinic. It took us three full days to have what you currently see, but it was totally worth it.

We hope you now understand the story behind our main video and the collection of smaller clips.