Why any business should start accepting cryptocurrencies now, not later?

If you’re an owner of a business, especially a small one, you probably know that there are not that many ways for how your client can pay for your services. Currently, it’s just cash and credit/debit cards.

However did you know that the actual transition from cash to credit card took about 10 years? It’s a pretty significant amount of time.

Cryptocurrency has recently passed its 8th year and became a solidly mature market not only for investors but also for regular people. Japan, Australia, municipality Zug, South Korea, India and Singapore have made the biggest progress in such areas. Some of them have equated Bitcoin to money, which basically allows anybody to buy and pay for anything in Bitcoin legally.

On top of that this month we had a very important software update in Bitcoin network that will allow to scale quickly and efficiently. That means that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and we have to do whatever it takes for further improvement of this technology.

There are 2 mutually connected problems when a new payment network is trying to take a lead:

- businesses don’t want to start accepting a form of payment that is rarely used;

- customers don’t want to use a form of payment that is not accepted anywhere.

Based on the fact that people ignore both, we have to solve at least the first one. For businesses it will mean an easy software update and additional training, for clients it will mean freedom.

Obviously some of the owners will resist the change but later they will regret they’ve made the wrong decision.

If you think about that we’re at the beginning of a new era of safer, faster and cheaper transactions that are not controlled by banks or any other institution. 50 years ago nobody accepted Visa and Mastercard, not everybody does. The same will happen with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Dash.

That means that business owners have to adjust to new technologies, embrace the challenges early on and accept the inevitability of the global financial revolution.

Here’s some benefits that the business will have if they start accepting crypto:

  • new clients, even international ones
  • free PR and positioning as a modern business
  • a simple installation process in a form of update into existing software
  • free education of staff