Accept EMV & NFC payments using payworks and your Stripe account

We have partnered with Stripe to make accepting EMV & NFC payments at the Point of Sale as easy as implementing payments for your eCommerce site.

Accepting card payments has radically changed the retail industry. It provides customers with a more convenient way to pay for goods and services and helps merchants to increase their revenue significantly. Still, even today accepting card payments at the POS is not easy. In eCommerce, services such as Stripe or Braintree get payments for your site up and running quickly. However, the POS world is more complicated. If you provide a cashier system or POS application to merchants, integrating a card reader into your app and making sure the payment runs through smoothly used to be a painful process. You have to make sure that your solution is in accordance with increasingly demanding EMV standards and PCI regulations, and undergo a tedious and costly certification process. Furthermore, staying up to date in a rapidly changing industry and adopting new technologies, such as contactless & NFC payments, is a complex and costly exercise as existing providers often make you start the whole process from scratch. Here at payworks, we are on a mission to change this.

Digital technology continues to shape the nature of the retail industry: a fusion of digital and physical innovation - an omnichannel presence - is what shoppers have come to expect. Innovators like Birchbox or Warby Parker that started out as pure eCommerce players recognized this trend early and have already begun opening brick and mortar stores alongside their online presence. On the other hand, software providers like ShopKeep move the data of businesses in the cloud and give them the possibility to run their brick and mortar retail business in the same efficient manner that they run their online stores.

To help software developers in the POS space keep up with this trend and implement omnichannel strategies that turbocharge growth, we have launched something new:

From now on, merchants can accept EMV & NFC payments using their Stripe account, simply by integrating the payworks Pay Button into their Point of Sale application.

To make this happen, we added Stripe as a new processing path to our Gateway Manager combining the full power of payworks and Stripe in one cohesive product.

You can integrate the payworks Pay Button into your app within minutes and start accepting EMV payments. For platforms and marketplace providers, we have also integrated with Stripe Connect, giving you the possibility to launch your own payment product under you own branding with full control over the UI and communication with your users. Most importantly, as both payworks and Stripe are focusing on providing easy to use payment infrastructure, we do not provide an own POS solution to merchants, thus we will never compete for your merchants.

For merchants, the unified reporting and settlement when using the same account to process offline and online payments offers a huge benefit. Also, skipping the tedious paperwork they usually have to go through when signing up for a merchant account facilitates a quick rollout.

The payworks Pay Button for Stripe is now available in the UK and will be available in the US soon, helping US providers to tackle the liability shift.

To learn more about the joint product, check out or browse the API docs.

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