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Our Foundation

I have heard messages on purpose, read books on purpose, yet still was living a purposeless life. The first question I asked was, is this my fault? Is there something I did to deserve this? What do I lack? Come to find out, with a light study of scripture, I have a purpose. The question then became, how do I live it out?

I realized that God did not care as much about what I did as to the extent of the quality of person I was. “What he cares about,” C. S. Lewis penned so well is, “that we should be creatures of a certain kind or quality — the kind of creatures He intended us to be — creatures related to Himself in a certain way.” I was sick of waking up each day unsure of myself. My identity trying to be sorted every morning for the next 18 hours was too often, too soon, and too late. All that to say, I discovered that to find a sense of purpose in my life, it was not in the “successes” I built, but in the character I built. That my purpose begins to show itself as my quality is refined. Scripture is very clear about this. And because I won’t be referencing scripture throughout the text (because the average person reading this already has a strong Biblical awareness), I included Appendix A for you to be assured the Biblical foundation of PBY.

Visual 1: Natural Flow
Everyone has a purpose. Everyone. When you start from that foundation and build character, you gear your lifestyle toward unknown territory. The only way to trek that unknown territory will be pioneering your journey.

When you decide to live on the foundation that purpose is unconditional and build your Suitcase Characteristics — humility, faith, and discipline, your life will naturally flow into its calling to pioneer (see Visual 1). To see the framework of PBY, please go to Appendix B.

We will cover many different angles around living a life of purpose, character, and pioneering. It is essential that we discuss the key elements that surround these topic prior to diving into them.

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