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He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.

A contract is conditional. A job is conditional. A warranty is conditional. Value is conditional. Temperament is conditional. Even character is conditional. Most things in life are conditional — that if A happens, then B will happen; or if A happened, then B already happened. If I sign the contract, then the contractors will begin work. Or, I worked last week so I received a paycheck .

True love is unconditional. It means that it is given without any expectation in return. Well, so is your purpose. It is unconditional. It is 100 percent yours. It is guaranteed better than any warranty or contract.

Unconditional purpose is measured by the occurrence of human life, ignoring any advancement gained from someone’s position, power, or possessions. It has nothing to do with talent or success.

Purpose is unconditional as it is in everyone. If it was in only a few, it would be conditional. It would mean that it was earned. And if it was earned, it wouldn’t be in true love.

That means you’re indispensable to His Great Plan. That means you are essential. That means what you decide to do matters. Our purpose statement is:

“Purpose is unconditional; your choice to fulfill it is optional.”

Whether or not it was explained to you or people treat you as if it’s not true, your life has purpose. It doesn’t matter what your parents did (or didn’t do). It doesn’t matter if your parents call you an accident or if you feel you have no place in life. It doesn’t matter what the world says to you. Today’s fast-paced world doesn’t change a thing. Purpose is unconditional. Your desire to grow, build, and become someone greater is a living testimony that your life has purpose.

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