PBY: Preface 1.1

001 — Excerpt from Purpose Built Young: A Guide to Pioneering Your Future, buy a copy here.

“I don’t have a purpose,”I said to myself, sitting with a pounding heart and aching head after a long day working for The Man.

More times than not, I feel I don’t have a purpose.

I mean I know I have purpose, biblically speaking. Yet, when I show up to the classroom, the cubicle, even the church auditorium I have gotten this irritable feeling that comes back again and again.

I feel like I am on the wrong course. Like what I am doing and what I ought to be doing are two different things. Not all the time, but there are enough occurrences.

You probably have those moments, too. And if you have a crazy ambition, a high-calling, and an achiever mentality, but don’t know what to do next, you find yourself reading this book. The way things are now are not enough.

You can’t settle. You won’t conform. Because settling and conforming, well, that in itself, is death.

You may be a college student, earning thousands of dollars of debt and still not know what you want to do with your life. It seems so wasted. It seems so empty. I’ve been there.

You can be caught right now driving to work, on your lunch break, or even in the middle of your cubicle reading this because something needs to change. And it needs to change fast.

The world tells us suck it up, enjoy weekends (I call them workends), and work hard/play hard as lifestyle goals. Yet, somewhere in-between it all, we find ourselves dumbfounded at how to live our lives with purpose, direction, and cause.

Your journey begins at the point of conflict.

When no one comes to give you a ride to your dream future, you must question everything you do (twice, with no assurance or guarantee) to try and find a successful, happy ending. Not success in the material sense, but the success that you were made for, that is, to be you.

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