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PCHAIN (PAI) Weekly Progress Report (2018/09/22–2018/09/28)

Welcome to PCHAIN weekly report.
To keep the community updated, we summarize our latest progress and activities of the PCHAIN project here.

Development Progress

The team keeps improving the consensus mechanism. A few major improvements include:
1. Maintain TestNet1.0 and provide testing
2. The new version of the main chain of PCHAIN has been successfully started, and the child chain has been successfully created and blocked
3. Complete the transformation of the child chain creation and the RPC added by dynamic nodes
4. PCHAIN succeeds in achieving higher performance and continuous optimization
5. Investigate cross-chain trading schemes
6. Continuously optimize the automation testing framework


PCHAIN’s partner, UDAP attend this week’s PCHAIN AMA

On September 25, PCHAIN telegram AMA welcomed three co-founders of UDAP, including its CEO, Bing Ran, COO, Frank and CTO, Li Zhang. The PCHAIN community has warmly welcomed the arrival of UDAP and launched a heated discussion. UDAP, as a general and decentralized middle service layer of blockchain asset lifecycle management, chooses PCHAIN as the underlying partner. That’s because the PCHAIN has a high transaction speed of 120K. Currently, the Harvest Wallet developed by UDAP is the first cryptocurrency Wallet that supports both PCHAIN and Ethereum, as well as the first asset Wallet that focuses on the management and transaction of non-monetary assets. It enables users to fully experience the performance advantages of PCHAIN with high speed and low price in Harvest Wallet. In addition, UDAP also disclosed to community users that it can use PCHAIN (PAI) to participate in the pre-sale of UDAP, and when the ICO is officially launched, users can purchase and enjoy a 10% discount through PCHAIN (PAI).
Details: https://twitter.com/pchain_org/status/1046449010486050816

PCHAIN became the co-sponsor of 2018 IEEE ICDM Blockchain Day

PCHAIN will co-host IEEE ICDM 2018 (IEEE International Conference on Data Mining) Blockchain Day in Singapore in November. At that time, Dr. Mohan, an academician of the American academy of engineering, IBM, IEEE and ACM, will share the latest progress of blockchain and discuss the development trend of blockchain technology with many high-quality blockchain projects around the world.

The Harmony team visited the PCHAIN to explore blockchain technology

On the afternoon of September 28, Harmony’s founder (Stephen Tse) and members visited the PCHAIN office. They shared their technological progress and discussed the development of blockchain technology and the future trend of blockchain market. The original team members of Harmony mainly come from Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc., graduated from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and other universities, aiming to build open infrastructure for 1 billion people, and bring the distributed economy to everyone with a high-performance consensus platform.

PCHAIN PANDA Weekly ranking

The weekly ranking of PCHAIN PANDA was released as scheduled. Congratulations to the top three users. In addition, several accounts have operations to withdraw PAI before September 28. If you want to continue to participate in the contest of the executive super node, please register again on October 20 to re-qualify for the election!

Registration link: http://supernode.pchain.org

PCHAIN’s partnership updated:

PCHAIN & GTEX Achieved Exclusive Strategic Cooperation

PCHAIN and GTEX achieved an exclusive strategic cooperation. GTEX is committed to become the world’s first digital asset distribution platform in the field of gaming. PCHAIN will provide with innovative blockchain technology such as Smart Data, cross chain & smart contract calls of non-native tokens to assist GTEX to develop GTEX’s decentralized game token exchange platform. Both will jointly build a unique DApp on the PCHAIN public chain, bringing the real world economy to the virtual world by establishing a virtual token-based game asset economic system.

Details: https://twitter.com/pchain_org/status/1045296328090120194

PCHAIN & FutureMoney Achieved Strategic Partnership

PCHAIN signed a strategic partnership with FutureMoney on September 26, 2018. The two sides will conduct all-round and in-depth cooperation on the research and industrial application of blockchain technology.

Closing Words

A huge thanks to the community for actively supporting our project. We look forward to sharing with you our next weekly progress report!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments. We will see you next week!

Welcome to learn PCHAIN at:
Telegram 1: https://t.me/pchain_org
Telegram 2: https://t.me/pchain_org2
Telegram(Chinese Community): https://t.me/pchain_CN
Telegram(Russian Community):https://t.me/PCHAINRussia
Telegram(Germany Community):https://t.me/pchain_org_de
Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/pchain_org_ann
Medium: https://medium.com/@PCHAIN
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@pchain
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pchain_Org_Official/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pchain_org
Founder/CEO’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeff_fengcao



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