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Weekly Progress Report(11/8/2018–17/8/2018)

Welcome to PCHAIN weekly report

To keep the community updated, we summarize our latest progress and activities of the PCHAIN project here.

Development Progress

1. Keep Expanding Pchain TestNet
2. Fix bugs and keep it stable for Pchain TestNet
3. Build backend to gather statistics data for Pchain TestNet
3. Supplement the RPC wiki page on github
5. Keep improving internal auto-test framework


PANDA Plan Eve: Executive Super Nodes Campaign

In order to provide the community with stable and dynamic balanced consensus node services, PCHAIN will officially launch PCHAIN Dynamic Super Node Plan Eve — Executive Super Node Campaign on 22th August, 2018. We plan to recruit the first batch of 10% Dynamic Super Node candidates around the world from this campaign. All the participants will get 8%~10% profits reward. More rules will be announced later.

PCHAIN announced: 20K TPS is the entry level.

On 13th August, PCHAIN released a screenshot of Testnet 1.0 for the community. The entry level result is 20K TPS and the final TPS should be much higher.

PCHAIN showed the website of Testnet 1.0

The website of PCHAIN testnet 1. 0 has been completed and the number of super nodes was over 1000. We are working hard to get ready for Testnet 1.0 launch, and more tidbits will continue to be released. You will be surprised!

Hold on and welcome to become the lucky one of these super nodes.

Click here to check the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=uDvScrdkWzM

PCHAIN Weekly Partnership Progress

PCHAIN & CERTIK Achieved Strategic Partnership

PCHAIN and CERTIK achieved a deep strategic partnership. CERTIK is committed to smart contract and security verification of blockchain ecosystem. According to PCHAIN features such as Smart Data, cross chain & invocation of smart contract for non-native tokens, CERTIK conduct security verification research and make the customized validation service and development. Both will conduct all-round and in-depth cooperation for DApp ecological security to against potential hackers and form a complementary technology. PCHAIN and CERTIK will build a safe, reliable, benign DApp ecological public chain.

PCHAIN & Qbao Achieved Strategic Partnership

PCHAIN and Qbao achieved deep strategic partnership. Qbao is committed to multifunction cross-chain digital wallet. According to PCHAIN’s technical advantages in Smart Data and cross chain, Qbao and PCHAIN will jointly develop the decentralization of the platform and optimize the function of the cross chain. PCHAIN and Qbao will both improve the business value of the digital wallet, work together to build and expand a smart market application based on PCHAIN’s diversified digital economy features. PCHAIN and Qbao will create an orderly, safe and multifunctional digital market ecology and promote the development of DApp ecological scale.

PCHAIN & Shanghai (International) Database Research Center Achieved Strategic Partnership

PCHAIN and Shanghai (International) Database Research Center achieved deep strategic partnership. Shanghai(International) Database Research Center is an organization which is committed to data science, the research on Knowledge Graph and multidisciplinary integration. PCHAIN, as a native multi-chain system, will share the research achievements on cross-chain and side chain and then combine the unique knowledge graph, management of large amount of data and basic research of disciplinary subjects provided by Shanghai (International) Database Research Center in the future. PCHAIN and Shanghai (International) Database Research Center will together create a more forward-looking and promising new blockchain ecological platform.

Closing Words
A huge thanks to the community for actively supporting our project. We look forward to sharing with you our next weekly progress report!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments. We will see you next week!

Join PCHAIN’s ever growing community at the following links:
Telegram 1: https://t.me/pchain_org
Telegram 2: https://t.me/pchain_org2
Telegram(Chinese Community): https://t.me/pchain_CN
Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/pchain_org_ann
Medium: https://medium.com/@PCHAIN
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@pchain
Reddit: r/https://www.reddit.com/r/Pchain_Org_Official/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pchain_org
Founder/CEO’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeff_fengcao



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