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Weekly Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 14/8/2018

We have finished the weekly AMA with Dr Feng Cao on the telegram on Aug 14. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Part 1: Technology Questions

Q1: Start of test net TPS 20000 on 1000+ nodes, is that the situation that more child chains can cause the increase of TPS?
Feng: Yes, we can achieve linearly increase with interoperability.

Q2: PCHAIN is 100% decentralized? Since there is a rumor that there is no project with large amounts of scalability that is 100% decentralized.
Feng: Decentralized is a relative concept. And scalability is another dimension. While PCHAIN achieved high scalability with little compromise on decentralization. However, comparing with EOS, it obviously has higher scalability with 100 times decentralization.
Q3: Is there any news about a potential killer DApp to run on PCHAIN when mainnet is running?
Feng: Many DApps are seeking collaboration with PCHAIN. Some of them are even relative mature DApps. Personally, we think the killer application will come from decentralized game or entertainment. And we have many entertainment DApp collaboration to be announced.

Q4: Do you have different master nodes of quality such as golden, silver and bronze? Do you have prices for nodes?
Feng: We will have Dynamic Super Node to make algorithm randomly determine the Super Nodes to reduce human effect. While ‘gold’, ‘silver’ nodes is an interesting idea.

Q5: We are in direct competition with wanchain and icx. They have more than 200 developers as on date. But we have only 15. How we will compete with them?
Feng: Our quality is much better,Jobs has a famous saying ‘In IT domain, the difference between a talent is 20 times or higher than normal people.’ On the other hand, I am not sure if wanchain or other public chain can achieve 20k TPS by now. So we are confident with our PCHAIN, please trust us.

Q6: Companies who have strong servers will be interested in powerful nodes. But I think that they should not break decentralization. Also, I really want to install a master node for PCHAIN, but at current moment I can’t have any information about it. Please make the instruction.
Feng: We will have documents stating the instructions on that later. And we will organize a programming competition.

Q7: My idea of PCHAIN is a little bit vague right now. Can you explain it on layman’s terms?
Feng: PCHAIN is the next generation of SmartER contract platform with high scalability, good decentralization and new Oracle mechanism named Smart data.

Q8: Is the next generation SmartER contract platform way better than smart contract? May I know what is their difference?
Feng: You should know that scalability is the 1st thing. As a multichain, this structure level changed. The whole system becomes very interesting. We can take the childchains we just discussed as an example. A new model called IBO may come out. And smart Data is a new Oracle to resolve open-loop problem of smart contract.

Q9: Is it possible to implement cold wallet staking to PCHAIN as well as the situation in Stakenet?
Feng: Of course, we are designing a delegation function which allows you to stake with cold wallet.

Q10: When you change erc-20 tokens to PCHAIN blockchain — there will not be bad as with EOS? Erc-20 tokens not burn if not exchanged?
Feng: We already defined our mapping functions in our ERC20 contract.

Q11: Does every DApp gets her own child chain?
Feng: They can have their own childchain when the DApp is mature. At very beginning. they will share a childchain with other DApps. Also we will support their mapping from sharing childchain with their own childchain.

Q12: Is there a limitation off childchains in the future or can it increase when it needs to?
Feng: No limitation theoretical. In practice, it could be limited by the number of participants in a childchain. If the number of nodes is too small,it may be abandoned. Just like the situation that some smart contracts in Etherum has never been called.

Q13: Is sharding technique already incorporated into PChain protocol?
Feng: Yes, you can regard multichain as a sharding mechanism. Moreover, we can also have inchain sharding or account based on sharding in the future.

**Part 2: Marketing Questions**

Q1: What about the marketing strategy? What steps PCHAIN is going to take to motivate the potential investors to buy it?
Feng: We have announced PCHAIN Dynamic super node plan (PANDA). We hope you can follow this plan to join us.

Q2: What is your view on the future of crypto?
Feng: Crypto is still promising. Nothing changes whether the whole market pumps or dumps. The trend would never change. We have mentioned that blockchain can bring more fundamental changes to our world than Internet. So it’s common to have some hard time.

Q3: What are your thoughts on BCH ecosystem and running ico on their platform?What do you think of Bitmain ipo who holds large quantities of bch, burning bcg and wormhole, etc?
Feng: We keep good relationship with BCH community and Bitmain. The author of wormhole is our good partner. Also, we have a lot of discussion on how to support BCH running on PCHAIN.

Q4: How many PAI do we need for a super node?
Feng: For the 1st stage we need 100k PAI. The amount will decrease when more and more dynamic Super nodes are available.

Q5: Is there any news for yearly returns for staking?
Feng: By current plan, the yearly returns for staking will be around 50% in 2019.

Q6: Is there a solution about that project PAI with the ticker?
Feng: I think main net is a way. Plus, we are discussing this issue with more exchanges. Hope to solve it soon. Please keep your eyes on it.


Thank you for reading!

PCHAIN will hold AMA with Dr Feng Cao on telegram every Tuesday from 10 pm to 11 pm (Singapore time). See you next week!

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