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Weekly Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 16/10/2018

We have finished the weekly AMA with Dr. Feng Cao and Prof. Feida Zhu, Founder of Symphony Protocol, on the telegram on Oct 16. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Part 1: PCHAIN Technology Questions

Q1: All the processes with patents are finalized now? Should we wait for description of all the PCHAIN tech features? Will we see — tech paper release, — github opensource, — PDBFT article, — recent crosschain breakthrough description, this month?

A1: We will release the details step by step. I will publish a paper this week to have an overview on blockchain TPS its history, now and future. As so many projects made claim on TPS. While we are not in the same context. Regarding PDBFT,smart data,PANDA we will disclose them in Oct and Nov. As we got too many threads to follow on testnet,development and testing.

Q2: There are some discussions “Solidity VS popular programming language (no learning required)”. Do you think Solidity is the best choice for EVM and why?

A2: We will support e-WASM,it’s in our adjusted plan.

Q3: If the highest pick of TPS was 120k during recent stress test, what was the theoretical maximum to handle the needs of 1 concrete dapp? Is it equal to the bandwidth of the entire network (assuming no other applications)?

A3: We can scale our one app with multi-child chain,while its scalablity also limited by state sharding(similar to sharding), we still need more tech breakthrough on that. For token transfer,we can already support that,theoretically, there is no limitation


Q4: Many of the investors are surprised with the technology of PCHAIN but many still ask to see the code, will you publish it in Brief? and plans for exchanges still has very long term, I comment because I dress in an impossible way to acquire PCHAIN in Bibox, there is an unbearable bot lol that does not allow the acquisition of easy way.

A4: We will disclose more details step by step in Oct and Nov by paper and code.

Q5: Just how much will the child chains scale everything? Maybe infinite?

A5: Yes, in theory it‘s infinite. The key is the interoperablity between child chain and main chain. it should be as light as possible. otherwise,the main chain will become the bottleneck

Q6: And that is one of the patents that was approved? Operatabilty between child chain and mainchain? You did figure out a smooth light way to do this? Or is this still in testing? Well I’m sure there needs to be a large amount of traffic to truly test it.

A6: We have 2.0 design. current testnet implemented a 1.5 version which already greatly reduced the cost between child and main chain interactions. we didn’t apply patent on 1.0 and 1.5. We may apply a patent on 2.0. As we got too many innovation in PCHAIN. we only patent these features with great great potential

Part 2: PCHAIN Marketing Questions

Q1: Any DEXes which already plan to operate on PCHAIN (considering recent crosshchain breakthrough)? If not, do you plan to collaborate with them?

A1: Yes,we already got several partnership on that. One DEX partner will be announced very soon. They will use our new tech.

Q2: Can you name the some dApps which already plan to operate on PCHAIN? The team said the overall dApps on PCHAIN partners are 40+, when those names will be public? Closer to the mainnet release?

A2: Many of them can seemless move to PCHAIN platform as UDAP done,eg Pudi..

Q3: Do u have lots of NDAs with large corporations that u cannot disclose yet?

A3: obviously,I cannt answer this question as both yes and no are disclosing :)

Part 3: SYMPHONY Questions

Q1: SYMPHONY , How do you plan on getting all these users data?Is it from usual DApps operating on the platform or DApps dedicated to collecting general public informations?

A1: From DApps with user data, for example, we have launched our first own DApp, SAGE, which is one that help users contribute their offline consumption data through payment.

As Symphony is an infrastructure chain, the following design principles have guided the technical build:

• Hierarchical Data Abstraction: Symphony never gives access to raw data of individual users. Instead, User data is processed, integrated, analyzed and modelled through multiple levels to generate layered user insights. We proposed a unique “PAI” data privacy mechanism to offer the best user privacy protection by de-coupling user identity and profile information, and at the same time maximize user data utility.

Q2: Whats the benefit for PCHAIN exactly?

A2:We are working with PCHAIN to expand the “upper level”to create the “smart data” layer on top of PCHAIN.

We help connect important data partners to PCHAIN

Q3: You mean the functionality of smart data will become part of PCHAIN?

A3: We are already working with data partners like P&G, PWC, BCG. we are co-building with PCHAIN. Smart data is not just for PCHAIN. it belongs to all our partners and blockchain community. You can think about that way, PCHAIN is strong in providing the underlying support while we have unique strength in the data space

Q4: May I ask how you plan for the Symphony Dapp to interact with the PAI token. I understand you will have a native token — will this solely be accessable through the PAI token? Will your token be equivalent to an ERC-20 on the Ethereum network?

A4: We will have close and strong collaboration with PCHAIN. This is why we are now offering a special promotion for PCHAIN community: As we are still in the early stage, anyone uses PIE to invest in SYM token will get 20% bonus. SYM token and PAI token will have more interaction in the future

Q5: Do you plan to use centralised data centres to store and proccess the data?

A5: No, we have our own distributed privacy-preserving data storage solution which is embeded in our unique consensus solution, call “random subnetwork” storage

Q6:I have another more pertinent question. Can you articulate your market strategy to gain mass adoption?

Q6: Great question, Yaz! We have clear and well-thought business plan, very rare for blockchain projects i would say we are starting with Millenium group, aged between 18–25we have connected with 5000+ offline merchants in Singapore.

We have recently done a great data project for PWC, using SYM token to get 3000+ users banking behavior in Vietnam.

We achieved that by working with a local payment gateway called Fomopay

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

PCHAIN will hold AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on telegram every Tuesday from 10 pm to 11 pm (Singapore time). See you next week!

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