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Weekly Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 21/8/2018

We have finished the weekly AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram on Aug 21. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Part 1: Technology Questions

Q1: What will force the demand of the PCHAIN native token after mainnet goes alive apart from one-time fees for dApps to launch (that I assume) ?

A1: I am not sure I caught your question. DApp in PCHAIN can have their PRC20 token. And they can use PCHAIN native token to pay for PRC20 token transfer.

Q2: Will we build PCHAIN a ecosystem? I mean we will have our exchange as well , identity app etc.

A2: Of course, we already contracted with 15+ dapp. and over 10 dapp is in the process. which covered many interesting direction including gaming, social network,security,wallet,healthcare,supplychain,data privacy,advertising and etc.

Q3: What is prc? Like erc in eth?

A3: P MEANS PCHAIN here PRC equals to ERC.

Q4: When is evm planned to be compatible? That would mean like for example IDEX could deploy their platform on PCHAIN to have faster transfers in trading and so on?

A4: Yes. A direct application of PCHAIN is decentralized exchanges.

Q5: When can we expect testnet? Although yesterday you revealed tentative tps which is get.

A5: Not finalized. But it maybe launch in Aug :) . If it’s confirmed. It will be TWO months ahead of our original whitepaper timeline.

Q6: Have we obtained patent against our technology ?

A6: We have 5 patents in application process to protect PDBFT, Smart Data, and 1 top conference paper is in preparation and so on.

Q7: I want to spare for super node. Can I do that even if I keep my PCHAIN in ledger ?

A7: Yes. you need to keep PCHAIN token in your address/wallet/ledger instead of in exchanges.

Q8: I wonder, if tokens for master node will not be locked, it means that, if PAI will increase the price and many will suddenly sell will we lose decentralization for a while? Thanks.

A8: In main net. once you become a Dynamic Super Node in an epoch. The token is locked in the same address but a special slot as stake,you can’t transfer those token until this epoch ends.

Q9: How it can work for super node without my well-working super computer? Just i have to get 100,000 PAI in my wallet?

A9: We will have delegation mechanism.

Q10: On the preview of testnet 1.0 video, there was a BCH tab, can you tell more?

A10: We allow non native token smart contract call,bch is the 1st non native token, we will support more, eg, eth. btc.

Q11: I was wondering why was the last github commit in March? Can you please explain to me the project is not dead?

A11: We have private branch. we show its structure in our prev twitter. you can check that.

Part 2: Marketing Questions

Q1: We hardly have presence over social media.

A1: Of course not. you can find us in twitter, medium, reddit, steemit, bihu. and etc. and we are collaborating with some big medium.

Q2: Is PCHAIN partnering with bcash?

A2: We keep good relationship with bch. no direct partnership with bch by now.

Q3: When we see entire team together in future?

A3: Of course,we will have gathering,now we are global team in 4 countries,we have private channel,meeting for team work.

Q4: 15 team member across 4 counties . Sound unusual !

A4: 20+ members including operation team. 15 for dev and test.

Q5: Why we focused on site, logo and etc promotions? if you make live streaming video with tests, or 3-day or weekly report of progress of development — it’s very interested. new site not need, need partnerships and pure work IMHO.

A5: Personally, I agree. As a project, we need to consider our community’s feeling.

Q6: What is our marketing plan. We are hardly doing any marketing and very few people know about PCHAIN.

A6: We will make Everyone knows PCHAIN test net launch.

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

PCHAIN will hold AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on telegram every Tuesday from 10 pm to 11 pm (Singapore time). See you next week!

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