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Weekly Summary of PCHAIN AMA on 23/10/2018

We have finished the weekly AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on the telegram on Oct 23. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Part 1: PCHAIN Technology Questions

Q1: Do you know who will review the code from CryptoBriefing side? Have they received the code? Can we get details on that?

A1: Yes, Andre Cronje — main CryptoBriefing reviewer. We already granted him the code access. CB will include PCHAIN in their upcoming release.

Q2: At the moment there are only 2 live childchains on testnet. In the beginning there were 9, then 7, and now only 2. What is the reason to reduce childchains?

A2: When testnet launch we created 256 child chain and achieved over 124k TPS. After that we turn off the child chains to control our cost on hardware expense.

Q3: Will the complete code be made public (Github) with release of testnet 2.0?

A3: Step by step. We will release most part of our code. And may keep some explorative directions

Q4: One more question about patents! A bit confused, recent announcement about 4 patents — it is final step ? Now all the 8/8 are granted ?

A4: Another 4 patents are on-going. we are also preparing a paper in top international conference

Q5: How long does it take to review and approve patents?

A5: It depends on gov, we got initial acceptance.

Q6: Are you looking to incorporate more virtual machines in the future? Like web assembly or something in that direction ?

A6: Definitely, we will support web assembly and keep compatible with Etherum.

Q7: What exactly is the black box of the Testnet 2.0?

A7: It‘s automatical testing framework. It’s common in production level enterprise software dev and test.

Q8: Can we expect a tech paper in October?

A8: We are preparing an Industry paper for SIGMOD conference 2019 in this Nov. SIGMOD is a top conference in Data Base direction

Q9: I see, its great! When can we see consensus paper and interchain operability paper?

A9: Yes,the industry paper is exactly our PDBFT algo :)

Part 2: PCHAIN Marketing Questions

Q1: Is it planned to conduct more active work in the future to popularize PCHAIN in the crypto community and beyond? (both among developers, and among usual community)

A1: Yes. We are designing our developer community. That‘s why we launch Junction Digital Nation Heckthon. And our open source plan is also in schedule

Q2: Do you plan full or partial rebranding in the future?

A2: Yes. We are also considering on rebrand our ticker to avoid misunderstand especially on new exchange listing.

Q3: How do you see China’s back foot stance against crypto affecting PCHAIN? Will it affect or it will be positive for it

A3: China Gov always support blockchain project with real tech. And we keep good communication with China association and relevent supervision department

Q4: Will PCHAIN team release something similar like Etherscan for PCHAIN Testnet?

A4: We got many interesting directions to follow, e.g cross chain game, decentralized deposition, and so on. Some of the direction will be explored by our core team. Some of the direction may rely on our dev community in near future.

Q5: How about logo and website? Is there any plan to redesign your website?

A5: Yes. In fact,we were trying to dev our website by the new design. While we really got too much development work to be done… so it may be updated after our Testnet 2.0

Q6: Why you do not move to Silicon Valley?

A6: We have an office in Silicon Valley jointly with North American Blockchain Association. And we have a community leader in SV. In fact, we got many friends in SV. And I will in SV in this Dec

Q7: How many people are working on PCHAIN? How many of them are full-time developers? Are You hiring more people and if yes , in which positions ?

A7: I think I answered this question many times. In next,we will exploring community dev

Q8: Can you elaborate about community dev?

A8: As explained,we got too many interesting direction/idea/sub-project based the cool features of PCHAIN and we will rely on community to explore these directions

Q9: What role will be PCHAIN playing in India?? Which business is PCHAIN looking to target??

A9: This is highest level conversation between Indian and China. I am very honored to be invited as the only keynotes speaker in China representative. Many important entrepreneur will participate this conference. I hope we can take this opportunity to explore Indian market and collaboration. An interesting fact is Indian PCHAIN community is becoming №2 in the world

Q10: When will be published final algo for panda plan supernodes rewards. As I understand, it will change, and your last explanation was simplified.

A10: We will publish the final algo by the next week. We also got all the feedback and good suggestion. We are considering all these feedback and trying our best to keep PANDA to be understood by everyone and better balance the big and small participants. And also try our best to ensure the ROI no matter you are selected as executive super nodes or not. Generally, we are considering to make the smoothing curve as linear as possible, or in simply just almost fixed ratio.

Q11: What will be nodes incentives after the end of supernodes programm?

A11: I suppose you mean after PANDA Eve?if so,after that,will be PANDA program. A good news is we can garantee the fixed 8% annualized ROI to all participant of PANDA EVE no matter you are super node or not.

Q12: Yes, that’s what I mean. Is it means 8% of yearly inflation after all coins will be minted?

A12: No,these 8% is from 15% pos. Noticed that 8% is annualized. And much more token are locked. So there will be no inflation in market.

Q13: For a higher return is it better to have a lower amount of PAI in the supernode, because of the smoothing algo?

A13: Yes. By option 2 (smoothing curve), it is. Given the feedback from our community,we are considering to adopt linear model in our final algo. In short,a relative fixed ratio may be adopted no matter you are big or small PAI holders

Q14: And why isn’t there a halving from year 20 onwards in the medium article that was releases.

A14: After 24 years, the outcoming of POS is becoming relative limited. And POS mining will generally earn Tx fee instead of block rewarding

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

Thank you for reading!

PCHAIN will hold AMA with Dr. Feng Cao on telegram every Tuesday from 10 pm to 11 pm (Singapore time). See you next week!

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