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BMW Arrives at CES in a Color-Changing Car

Just press a button to change the exterior paint color.

By Matthew Humphries

Every year CES provides us with a range of new tech to look forward to with a few innovations thrown in here and there. This year, it looks as though BMW may take the crown of most impressive new technology with its color-changing vehicle paint.

As The Drive reported last month, BMW did state it would reveal the “first-ever demonstration” of its new technology for changing the exterior color of a vehicle simply by tapping a button. Now we’ve seen the demonstration, it’s hard not to be impressed. You can watch the color change BMW iX in action in the tweet below:

As Out of Spec Studios states in the tweet, the color-changing process is “very temperature sensitive,” suggesting it may not work if the vehicle gets too hot or too cold. BMW isn’t offering any explanation as to how the tech works yet, so it’s unclear why temperature would have such a big impact on the process.

It seems unlikely this will be offered as an optional feature on BMW’s cars anytime soon, mainly due to that temperature problem. Each of the panels on the demonstration vehicle looks to be some type of display based on how the color change happens, which is sure to make any repair bills that much more expensive.

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