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Can Twitter Stamp Out Misinformation? Should It?

(Credit: Bob Al-Greene)

A Note on Semantics

Odanga Madung on Misinformation in the Kenyan General Election

Odanga Madung (Credit: Mozilla Foundation CC BY 4.0)

Twitter and Transparency

Start Early, Don’t Stop Too Soon

Michael Caulfield on the Rhythms of Misinformation

The Misinformation Calendar

Living With Misinformation

Jillian York on Seeking Parallels With Medical Misinformation

Jillian York (Credit: Nadine Barišić)

Looking for Lessons in Medical Misinformation

The Profit Motive

Jevin West on the Science of Misinformation

Building a Theory of Misinformation

Openness Is Important

Jevin West (Credit: University of Washington)

Moderation in Moderation

Cause for Hope, Cause for Concern



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