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First Look: MSI Unveils Blistering GeForce RTX 30-Series Gaming Laptops, Including a New Flagship

MSI announced a host of updated gaming laptops bearing Nvidia’s latest GPUs, and gave us a video tour of three standouts, including the new top-end GE76 Raider.

By Matthew Buzzi

MSI has unveiled a stable of gaming laptops employing Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 30-Series GPUs, following the chip maker’s CES 2021 announcement that its “Ampere”-based graphics processors will be arriving on laptops this month.

The RTX 30-Series graphics chips have been a hit on desktop PCs for their combination of top-end performance and value, so they arrive on laptops to great anticipation. MSI will be utilizing a range of these graphics chips in its Stealth, Raider, Leopard, and Thin gaming lines, as well as its creative-professional-focused MSI Creator line.

Though CES is entirely remote this year, we worked with MSI to bring you a video preview of three of these laptops. MSI had a GE76 Raider, a GP66 Leopard, and a Stealth 15M on hand to show off, so check out the video of our call below to see each system up close and learn more about their specs and features:

No time for the video? We have a rundown of the specs and models on offer below. Some of these have both a 15- and 17-inch version, but we’re focusing on the models MSI gave us a tour of in the video.

The GE76 Raider: All-Out Power

The GE76 Raider starts at $1,499, a firmly midrange price point, and models scale all the way up to $2,899 from there. All GE76 models are 17 inches, and at that size, it is a hefty laptop, measuring 1.08 by 15.6 by 10.6 inches (HWD) and 6.4 pounds. This is the big flagship, prioritizing power and performance. The GE66 Raider represents the 15-inch version of this laptop, and has its own, similar component options.

MSI GE76 Raider

The GE76 base model starts off with a Core i7–10750H processor, an RTX 3060 GPU, 16GB of memory, and a 1TB SSD. From there, the models ramp up through the RTX 30-Series hierarchy to the all-powerful RTX 3080 (the full-power, not Max-Q, version). The base model also features a 144Hz refresh rate display, while the rest upgrade to a 300Hz panel.

MSI GE76 Raider

The GP66 Leopard: A Potent Do-It-All System

Moving on, the GP66 Leopard starts at $1,799, and the base configuration comes with a Core i7–10750H processor, an RTX 3070, 16GB of memory, and a 512GB SSD. This is the 15-inch version of the Leopard and yes, if you can spot the trend, the GP76 Leopard is the 17-inch version (though in this case, there is just one configuration of the larger machine).

MSI GP66 Leopard

As a 15-inch laptop, it measures 0.92 by 14.1 by 10.5 inches and weighs 5.25 pounds—lighter than its larger counterpart, but still pretty hefty by modern laptop standards. Display options include a 144Hz panel in the base model to a 240Hz screen on more expensive units, all full HD. This is a do-everything laptop, but it’s certainly closer to enthusiast-grade than a midrange system, even at its lowest configuration.

The Stealth 15M: Portability First

Finally, we come to the Stealth 15M. As the name implies, this one is much more focused on portability than the others. There is only a 15-inch version of this laptop, and it comes in at 0.63 by 14.1 by 9.8 inches and 3.75 pounds. That’s much closer to competing portable 15-inch gaming laptops like the Razer Blade 15 and Alienware m15 R3.

MSI Stealth 15M

The base model starts at $1,399 and features a Core i7–11375H processor, part of the “Tiger Lake” Core H-series just announced during CES 2021. It also includes an RTX 3060 Max-Q GPU, 16GB of memory, and a 512GB SSD.

Unlike the others, the thermally restrained GeForce RTX 3060 Max-Q is the only GPU option for this thinner machine. There is also only one display option: a full HD IPS screen with a 144Hz refresh rate. It comes in both white and gray, but these options are tied to the SKUs: The base model and the second-least-expensive model are white, while the two more expensive models are gray.

MSI Stealth 15M

For more on their features, and a good look at their designs, watch the video discussion above. We look forward to reviewing these laptop lines once units become available.

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