How to Track Your Absentee Ballot by State

Sep 22, 2020 · 2 min read

If postal slowdowns have you concerned about the status of your mail-in ballot, here’s how to check that it’s been received and counted.

By Chandra Steele

Voting this November is going to look very different than usual, across the country. People will be voting by absentee ballot in record numbers, and with the postal system facing major delays, the question of whether your vote counts can be an all-too-literal one. Fortunately, most states and the District of Columbia have set up systems for voters to check whether their ballot was received.

The first step, of course, is registering to vote and requesting or filling out that ballot. Once that’s done, the states below let you enter your name and date of birth to find out the status of your ballot.

Alabama: Alabama Votes

Alaska: Alaska Division of Elections

Arkansas: Arkansas Secretary of State

Arizona: Arizona Secretary of State

California: Where’s My Ballot?

Colorado: Colorado Ballottrax

Delaware: Delaware Department of Elections

Georgia: My Voter Page

Hawaii: Hawaii Office of Elections

Florida: Florida Department of State

Idaho: Idaho Secretary of State

Iowa: Iowa Secretary of State

Kansas: VoterView

Kentucky: Kentucky State Board of Elections

Louisiana: Geaux Vote

Maryland: Maryland State Board of Elections

Massachusetts: Track My Ballot

Michigan: Michigan Voter Information Center

Minnesota: Minnesota Secretary of State

Montana: My Voter Page

Nebraska: Nebraska Voter Information Lookup

Nevada: Nevada Secretary of State

New Hampshire: New Hampshire Voter Information Look-Up

New Jersey: New Jersey Voter Information Portal

New Mexico: New Mexico Secretary of State

New York: New York State Board of Elections

North Carolina: North Carolina Ballottrax

North Dakota: Absentee Tracker

Ohio: Track Your Ballot

Oklahoma: OK Voter Portal

Oregon: Oregon Secretary of State

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Department of State

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Department of State

South Carolina: South Carolina Election Commission

South Dakota: South Dakota Secretary of State

Tennessee: Tennessee Secretary of State

Texas: FPCA Ballot Tracker

Utah: Track My Ballot

Vermont: My Voter Page

Virginia: Ballot Scout

Washington: Vote WA

Washington, DC: District of Columbia Board of Elections

West Virginia: West Virginia Secretary of State

Wyoming: Contact county clerk

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