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Is Dall-E the Next Dior? How AI Is Trying to ‘Make It Work’ in Fashion

(Getty Images/Image Source, Ryan McVay)

You Can’t Cop These Drops

Sneaker editor on Thissneakerdoesnotexist.com (Thissneakerdoesnotexist.com)

Not Creative Director Material

AI runway from ai_clothingdaily’s Instagram (Credit: ai_clothingdaily)

“Since the public AI systems are all trained on the same data set, the aesthetics will be shared by multiple users. That’s why you have to use it as starting point in the creative process, not the end.” — Paul Trillo

Image generated by Dall-E 2 on the left, actual product on the right (Credit: Stitch Fix)

AI is not leading any fashion houses yet, but a Hong Kong-based AI lab, AiDLab has developed software meant to aid fashion designers.

Looks developed with AiDA (Credit: AiDLab)
The voting tallies on Finesse’s next design (Credit: Finesse)

Everything Old Is New Again (and That’s the Problem)



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