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LG’s Rollable OLED TV Can Be Yours for $87,000

The 65-inch TV is available in South Korea with color options, engraving service, and a hefty price tag.

By Matthew Humphries

If you happen to live in South Korea and have $87,000 burning a hole in your pocket, LG has a rollable OLED TV it would love to sell you.

LG has been demonstrating its rollable display technology as far back as 2014, when it had an 18-inch prototype running at CES. Since then we’ve seen the rollable display in TV form since 2018 in various stages of completeness. At CES 2019, LG demonstrated how the TV appeared from its stand, which you can watch below.

Today, the technology is finally mature enough to be launched commercially, but it’s certainly not cheap. The LG Signature OLED R is the world’s first rollable TV and will be made available at “seven premium consumer electronics stores” located across South Korea for $87,000. The 65-inch screen can be rolled up into its brushed aluminum casing, while the speakers are covered in wool by Kvadrat of Denmark and available in four color options (Signature Black, Moon Gray, Topaz Blue, or Toffee Brown). Personal engraving is available for the aluminum casing.

“The seamless marriage of technological and design innovation demonstrated in LG SIGNATURE OLED R is an unprecedented feat that genuinely deserves to be called a work of art,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of LG Home Entertainment Company. “This is a true luxury product that reimagines what television can be, this unique TV delivers a differentiated user experience and a new way of thinking about space while once again confirming LG’s leadership in the premium TV market.”

As well as offering a TV that doesn’t need to be positioned anywhere near a wall, the Signature OLED R offers three different viewing formats called Full View, Line View, and Zero View. Full View is the standard TV mode, where as Zero View simply means the OLED panel is fully enclosed in its aluminum case. Line View is for displaying other media such as photos, playing music, or displaying information output such as the time.

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